Krypton: Blood Moon


What do you mean we don’t get a second season?

They have managed a few good surprises in the second season of Krypton, and a lot of the writing has gotten better. The twists have made sense and haven’t been, “Oh, let’s throw this in to shake things up.” As of this writing, there’s no word on whether or not there will be a third season (EDIT- there won’t be), but if there is, not everyone will make it there. Things take a turn for the brutal and ugly, as well as presaging a major future event, in “Blood Moon.” This actually feels more like a season finale in a lot of ways, but there’s one more episode to come. There will be one or two minor spoilers below, but they are ones that were telegraphed a while back.

The episode opens with Lyta reliving some of the vague memories she has of her clone being created, and wondering what her life was like. Dev-Em makes a wry comment that if he did this to Lyta out of love, he doesn’t want to think about what Zod would do to those he doesn’t. This leads to the discussion of Doomsday being unleashed, and the need to get to Wegthor and warn the rebellion. After some debate, it’s decided that Seg and Nyssa will go. Zod delivers another public address, whipping the people up into a frenzy about the course of war he’s plotted for their planet. Lyta and Seg talk about dreams and love, and what’s worth fighting for, setting up for a very painful time for Nyssa to come say they’re ready. Lyta is very gracious to Nyssa, everyone is polite, and it’s a horrible situation for all involved. Nyssa is my favorite character on the series, now that she’s back to her first season badass, not the early second season wailing, “Oh, my baby!” victim, and I really feel bad seeing her like this.

Seg and Nyssa go looking for the ride Dev told them about, and Seg is worried about his companion. She makes a painful admission that is going to make things more awkward and soap operatic. Finally, they find the specially modified vehicle, which is both cool and fails to impress at the same time. Lis-Ser expresses some doubts about Zod’s next step, but he bullies through on force of will and threat of violence, and gets to say his catchphrase. Dev slips out to find some medical supplies for an ailing Lyta, giving Lyta and Jayne time for a heartfelt talk about what’s been done and forgiveness. They have a good plan for the future, we just know from the main DC Comics timeline it isn’t going to happen.

Seg and Nyssa catch up with Val, and it must have been an interesting ride, judging by how they look. Val, based on the recent past, isn’t really trusting the intel they bring. Seg credits Adam with bringing him back, which is kind of him. What I don’t quite get here is they know what Zod’s been working on, and they warn Val about the fleet. Did they get in and out of Zod’s fortress that many times, listen to the boastful man, and never pick up a hint about his other weapon of mass destruction? Val gives some orders to prepare for the attack, and a soldier who I keep thinking of as “Kryptonian Tormund” glares, showing Nyssa not all is forgiven. Kem and Adam banter about the life of a solider before Seg turns up for a surprise reunion, and Kem shows how much he’s changed. They all joke for a bit, and then get summoned to see Val. Zod’s attack has come, but with a lot fewer ships than expected. Anyone who has been paying attention knows why, and it’s a very ominous moment when the hatch opens and Doomsday stomps out.

I’m not quite sure how this works, but Zod is asked for orders and sends Doomsday to “kill them all.” Zod has Doomsday obeying him, but it seems like someone else is relaying the orders from this scene, and I can’t imagine that would work. I’m trying to imagine a Sagatari saying, “Hey, Zod said for you to go kill the rebels,” and Doomsday accepting this. It’s not a major point, but it’s the kind of small thing that just bugs me. The massed rebel troops, apparently not knowing the legend of Doomsday, open up on him with all their weapons, which don’t do a damn thing. Adam does know the legend, and looks appropriately terrified. Val orders a retreat, but Tormund, whose name is apparently Lux, orders everyone to stand firm. Somehow, despite the fact that heavy weapons did nothing, Tor/Lux decides a charge with handheld weapons is the ideal tactic. Ever read the “Charge of The Light Brigade”? Same idea. Some of this is exceedingly gory, and Doomsday makes his way into the tunnels.

Val is shocked at the loss of life, and the best Kem can come up with is energy shields to slow the behemoth. Adam, very shaken, explains in detail why this isn’t going to work, and mentions the only one to ever stop Doomsday doesn’t exist. Whether that’s “anymore” or “yet” isn’t certain, and doesn’t really matter at this point. When Seg asks what Adam suggests, the Earthman makes a very simple, practical suggestion that I heartily agree with. Seg comes up with a plan to get everyone out, Nyssa raises a minor objection, and Seg points out it doesn’t matter either way. Adam volunteers to lead the team on their desperate chance, but Nyssa does also and somehow her going means he can’t, I guess through some Kryptonian math I don’t get. Val puts Adam in charge of the evacuation instead, I suppose from his skill at running away. Val himself, along with Seg and Kem, go to see what they can do to slow Doomsday down. The Justice League tried that once, and it didn’t work out so well. Three guys with no powers? Well, points for heroism, I guess.

Val explains his plan, and hurries off to take care of some details. There’s a very important THIS MUST HAPPEN part that you just know won’t, and something not good starts to take shape. Seg and Kem joke about the scams they used to pull in the Rankless District, and say this should be fun. Down on Krypton itself, despite Lyta being sick, Jayna is asleep and Lyta watching over her. Dev comes back with the needed medicine, which is apparently not peppermint flavored. Lyta asks what her clone was like, and Dev tells her some things she might not wanted to have heard. It’s a very awkward situation, but I have to give Dev credit for being honest. The trip down Memory Lane gets interrupted when troops pop up, searching the area. With everything going on, and the rebellion up on a moon, I’m not sure why Zod is having people search the Outlands. The Sagatari get ambushed, but instead of being killed, they get a huge surprise and a speech that changes their minds. Someone has a future as an orator.

Val’s lunar base isn’t doing well, and his aide is wisely suggesting it’s time to go. Val tries to get hold of Seg, but the coms are part of the failing systems and not reliable. They make a sort of staticy connection, eventually, and Val relays some bad news that’s part of what I mentioned before about Must Happen. Adam also tells Val it’s time to go. Then Doomsday breaks down some walls, and Val finally agrees about departure time, a bit too late. Seg and Kem complete their part of the mission, then get the bad news from Val. The two friends argue about what to do next, and then Doomsday does his Kool-Aid Man impression and knocks everyone either out or down.

Nyssa gets an amazing scene where she proves she’s her own hero, thank you very much. The woman is amazingly dangerous, and does a great job with her designated task. Actually, of all the rebels who we saw get assignments, she’s the only one to complete hers. Val and Adam dig out of the rubble that used to be the command center, but they’re not exactly unharmed. Seg and Kem similarly and inexplicably survived Doomsday’s passing through, and they realize what they need to do. The friends argue again, and one of them makes a noble sacrifice. The ones that are left make a last minute escape, and Val’s plan worked better than he wanted or expected. The results are impressive, and should strike a chord with Adam Strange at the very least. There’s also a big, important, unanswered question afterward. It’s a hell of a way to end the episode, and, like I said, feels more like a season finale to me. I don’t know how they’re going to top this next episode.

What I liked: Nyssa is shaking off her “o, woe is me,” bit, and I really enjoy her as the brilliant, hell-on-wheels woman she is here. Her being bi is just a nice added bonus, since bi characters are rare on tv. Adam’s reaction to Doomsday was perfectly logical and in character. The scenes playing up Kem and Seg’s friendship worked nicely. Dev’s conversation with Lyta got a bit dark, but was good. I liked Lyta’s speech to the Sagatari.

What I didn’t: I mentioned the bit about Zod’s orders to Doomsday not really making a lot of sense to me. The people of Krypton really seem to be sheep, and just blindly follow whoever happens to be in charge. I don’t like where they seem to be going with the big injury, and I really don’t like the character death we saw.

It was a good episode. One of the better ones of the series, really. I’ll go 3.5 out of 5, and really wonder about what the heck they have planned for next episode.