Krypton: Lightyears From Home


Adam and Seg face the world’s worst mime…

In the opening, Zod has a ranting voiceover about his accomplishments since gaining power at the end of last season. One of the things we learn is that it’s been six months between seasons, and it feels like it’s been at least that long for us as well as them. I admit, there were a few moments of, “Wait, now who’s this again?” But the season starts off decently, and they add a major DC spaceborn character (that I personally can’t stand). Our return to Krypton begins with “Lightyears From Home.”

As Zod’s boasting speech continues, Adam Strange returns via zeta beam. He’s trying to get caught up on Kryptonian current events, and hears a few things that shock him. As he moves away, he attracts someone’s attention and gets a few decisions taken out of his hands. When he comes around, Adam once again is more comic relief than action hero. The woman he’s dealing with is, I think, Jax-Ur, but I’m not sure. They are a bit short on introductions here, despite his jokes about that. He does shortly meet up with Mama Zed, Nyssa, a new baby whose parentage surprises him, and the real, non-holographic Val-El, which also surprises him. They compare notes for some mutual both hope and puzzlement.


We get a brief check-in with Seg-El, lost in the Phantom Zone, which looks really trippy in this version, and plagues him with visions. Val tells Adam more about what’s been lost, and Nyssa fills Adam in on the current plan. Val also fills Adam in on the current state of Zod’s leadership, and Adam isn’t encouraged, since he came back from his future to try and prevent some of what it sounds like is happening now.


Raika, who we last saw in the tunnels, leading the ragged resistance to the previous rulers of Krypton, hasn’t had a good off-season. She’s been captured, is being interrogated and tortured, and the scene shows us a former ally turned bad guy’s aide. Zod desperately wants to find Doomsday to add to his arsenal, but he isn’t having any luck. Torture isn’t the worst of what they have planned, and the scene ends on a grim note for Raika. Zod isn’t happy about the lack of progress, and talks about his future plans, which bode ill for anyone who doesn’t happen to be Kryptonian.


In the Phantom Zone, Seg meets up with Val, who gives him some pointers on potentially escaping. Seg uses what’s at hand and eventually manages it, stunning himself in the process. He wakes up to find he’s not where he thought he was or with who. There’s a lot of arguing back and forth, and the villain in question shows how much more powerful than Seg they are. What I’m curious about is this: the new location looks a lot like Earth. While we know it isn’t, I can’t help but wonder what color the sun is there.


While a gadget gives a profane and vague warning, Adam and Val talk about the new goal regarding the place the resistance is planning on retreating to. They’d be using an old sci-fi concept, so I have no issue with that, but I wonder about relying on it during what’s essentially a war. If something goes wrong, it’s a long way down. Adam gets an idea that Val really isn’t sure will work. Adam is resolved and being very brave, especially after the potential risks are explained to him.


Seg is being forced into an alliance of necessity with his current companion, and isn’t happy about it. After his temporary partner goes on about backstory and their really evil past, Seg decides the necessity isn’t that great and goes on the offensive. Nyssa and Jax (I think) debate some information Nyssa has gotten, which sounds really shady. Nyssa, showing her mixed strength and stubbornness that was her trademark first season, is determined to go. She makes the really questionable choice of bringing the baby into this potentially dangerous situation, although she has arranged for Mama Zed to come along.

Nyssa’s field trip lets her confront someone about past wrongs and things she needs to know. Her demands for answers are cut short when another person intervenes in the situation and ends the conversation permanently, as well as complicating Nyssa’s situation. Adam tinkers with his zeta beamer, and then the group finds out they’ve been betrayed. A major gunfight erupts, and forces Adam’s decision, confusing the attackers.


Nyssa argues with her captor about who should be in charge, what’s going to happen next, and Seg-El’s legacy. Zod ends up joining the discussion, being supervillain-like menacing. Nyssa is frantic, largely because of her own bad decision earlier. Zod makes some expected threats, and Nyssa is dragged away, not at all her usual strong self. I sort of feel bad for her, but she also really didn’t help in this situation. Val-El and Jax-Ur talk about their new complications, and the need to go ahead with their plans. Zod passes someone we saw earlier, who has been greatly changed.


Adam makes a far-from-graceful landing in his own search for answers. He and Seg finally meet up, and it’s a joyful, if mocking, reunion. They swap survival stories, and Seg makes a passing comment that harks toward Adam’s comic book appearance. Adam is also surprised at what Seg appears to have done on this world. I’m more doubtful about it. Adam brings Seg up to date on what’s been happening in his absence, although I’m not sure if he covered the “Everyone thinks you’re dead” part. Seg is surprised about his change in family status.


Their talk is cut short by a sound that seems very out of place and unnerving. Adam’s escape plan isn’t quite working, and he makes a suggestion to adjust. They try and do that, but run into some complications. Or one, really, in the shape of Lobo. I’m figuring saying he’s in the episode isn’t a spoiler, since his appearance has been all over all the commercials and trailers for season two. Lobo is very in character, which isn’t great for Adam and Seg, and he manages to screw up his own immediate plans because he can’t be bothered to think through things. The episode ends with our heroes in new and different trouble.


What I liked: I’m glad the show is back. I really was starting to wonder if it was returning or not. In the long break between seasons, I had forgotten how much I enjoy Nyssa (usually). If Seg pulled off what it looked like, I’d be very happy with it, but I still doubt it happened that way. Zod is an annoying villain, but well-acted and consistent.

What I didn’t: Nyssa made a remarkably bad choice here, and it was used against her. I just plain don’t like Lobo, and this did nothing to change that. I’m vaguely curious why everyone not from Earth has a British accent. It’s been so long that, while one of the characters has changed sides, I don’t remember why, and they never really explain/remind about it.


I thought it was a decent start to the season. Things are moving along, which is good for a shorter season. I’ll give this a 3 out of 5. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.