Legends of Tomorrow: Egg MacGuffin


Yeah, Nate, I’d stare, too. 

The Legends face a threat from within, which claims a few you’d never expect. There’s also several nods to one of my favorite movies, some movement on a romance, and a subplot that’s been floating around for quite a while comes to a head. All this, some surprising motivation for one character, and a literal body part from Hell are floating around in “Egg MacGuffin.”

Things start off in the Artic in 1933. Some explorers make a strange find, setting the stage for fame, fortune, resentment, and a visit from a time-traveling crew of magical beastie hunters. At the Time Bureau, Zari and Sara bring in a mummy, leading to a string of bad jokes from Nate and Zari. Ava and Sara look on in mild horror. Sara talks to Zari later about her feelings for Nate, and cites her own joining Ava’s book club as an example of leaving your comfort zone for love.

In the holding area of the Bureau, Mona is reading to the still unconscious Nora. Ray shows up with flowers, and Mona gushes and leaves. Ray learns all is not well with him when he watches himself do something drastically out of character. Later, via the bathroom mirror, Ray learns what’s going on, and snaps at Gary, who wanders in at the wrong moment. Why Nora is at the Bureau instead of on the Waverider I have no idea aside from plot convenience. “My friend was injured, let’s put her in the place we keep prisoners.” Sure, that makes sense.

Ray stumbles past Mick as he rushes to his lab, knocking a basket out of Mick’s hand. Charlie stops to help, and we learn Mick’s “laundry” is stacks of mail to Rebecca Silver, his “nom du plum” as he calls it. Ms. Silver has gotten an invitation, and Charlie and Mick start a scheme that’s out of a bad sitcom. Sara and Ava get an alert from 1933 New York, and decide to send Nate and Zari to see what happens, betting on the outcome.

Nate and Zari talk about how awkward this is, and try and recruit help with the mission. Constantine is off seeking a cure for Nora, so he’s out. Charlie and Mick are busy on their scheme, and Ray has an odd scene with Nate in the lab, where Ray increasingly learns he’s out of his depth. So, the uncomfortable pair are off alone after all.

Sara’s sense of humor shows through, with a nice callback to show history. In the episode with George Lucas, we learned Nate’s favorite movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark. The covers Sara sent them off with are Henry Jones, Jr. (Indy’s real name), and Marion Ravenwood (Indy’s major love interest). Zari is even dressed in one of Marion’s costumes from the movie. Charlie and Mick get where they are going, and learn things won’t be as easy as they’d thought. Sara tries to prep for book club, resorting to a fast forwarded audiobook while she works out.

Zari and Nate at least find what they’re looking for at the Explorer’s Club. Ray’s problems get worse, and science isn’t the answer, which is about all Ray’s got. He makes a call looking for specific help, and not only doesn’t get it but gets a distraction. Nate and Zari do the clichéd “hide in awkwardly tight space” bit as they hunt for their prize, and then Zari does another Marion Ravenwood move to take care of a guard. The next problem is a series of weird tripwires, and we go from Raiders to a gender-bent Entrapment recreation. Charlie realizes she and Mick view their adventure differently, and is surprised. Nate and Zari make another surprising discovery, leap to the wrong conclusion, and another Indy element pops up.

The book club meets, consisting of the comatose Nora, Ava, Sara, and Mona. Before they really get started, Mona gets a message and takes off, now unknowingly on a collision course with Mick and Charlie. Ava makes a confession, and Sara surprises Ava and herself. Gary has an amusing new title as he bumbles his way through trying to help Ray, but finally makes an important discovery. Nate and Zari end up calling Sara, and find out they were wrong about their assumption. Nate and Zari use some clever teamwork to get out of their difficulties, and their follow up moment gets interrupted by Sara and Ava popping up. Ray warns the others not to come back to the ship, so of course Nate does that while the others work on the actual mission. Gary finds out something unpleasant, and Ray’s unwelcome guest makes Gary an offer.

Mona trips over Charlie and Mick’s scheme, and forces Mick to do something he’s been avoiding for a while now. John finally gets back and awakens Nora, who brings him up to speed with what’s going on. I’m not entirely clear how she knows. Ray is compelled to do something he really doesn’t want to do. This situation could easily be solved by Nate using his power, but, for reasons unknown, he doesn’t. Ray ends up doing something rash to protect his best friend. The ladies wrap up their mission with some more Indy nods and some decent team work.

Constantine finds Ray, and things go badly. The warlock is managing to hold his own when an ally switches sides, surprising everyone. There’s a very grotesque callback to the beginning of their magical misadventures, and things get worse for the good guys. The bad guy and his new ally get away, but at least that (somehow) lets Gideon come back online. Sara, Ava, and Zari’s post-mission banter gets interrupted when a battered Nate staggers in with bad news. Mick, Charlie, and Mona get back, so at least everyone knows what’s going on. Ava makes a surprising offer. Nate and Zari get one more Indy reenactment, which is very fitting for the moment. Their brief moment gets interrupted when something shifts behind them, and Gideon delivers more news that is going to complicate things.

What I liked: I’m a huge fan of Indiana Jones, so all those references were great. I’m glad Nate and Zari are moving forward, and that Ava and Sara are in a good place now. Brandon Routh did a good job showing Ray’s struggles. I was amused the big potentially sexist moment with Zari went the other way. Sara’s bits with the book club were entertaining. I was sorry to see the betrayal, but that character really has been abused a lot. I actually enjoyed Mick’s little speech. I saw Ava’s confession coming, but it was still funny. Her offer to another character was touching.

What I didn’t: They need to just take Nate’s powers away, since he almost never seems to remember he has them or uses them correctly. Gideon suddenly coming back online when she did made no sense. I’m not sure how Nora knew about Ray’s problem. Putting the recovering Nora in the containment area was a senseless choice.

There were the usual Legends plot holes, but the entertainment value is still there. I’m very curious to see this play out. I’ll give this a 3.5 out of 5, as some of the highs were matched by some lows.