Supergirl: Ahimsa


Uh, Supergirl? Tony Stark called about your new look…


The DEO and their allies are dealing with the ramifications of last episode as they deal with more events in “Ahimsa.” Supergirl is out cold and in her new armor as the others look on worriedly. James considers going out as Guardian to help deal with the aftereffects of Supergirl being taken out. Everyone cautions him not to risk getting arrested. Alex and J’Onn reassure each other through their crises of confidence, him about trying to be a pacifist, her about serving as Director of the DEO.


At a remote DEO desert facility, yet another rogue agent (how many of these are there, and why are they still in the security systems?) helps Mercy and Otis steal something. They pay him back with the same severance package they seem to have for everyone who has served their purpose to them. If nothing else, I’d think that would give the converts some second thoughts. Supergirl wakes up, not at all happy with her new situation, and Alex tries to calm her down. Then they argue about Supergirl going in to action with the armor power mostly going to filtering out the green Kryptonite in the atmosphere.


J’Onn goes home after his rough day, and finds an uninvited guest in his place. This proves to be the show’s version of Manchester Black, lacking powers and looking significantly different. In this incarnation, he’s Fiona’s fiancé, and very worried about her disappearance. After some mistrust between them, J’Onn shares the lead he found about the suspicious cop Fiona was interested in.


At the former Lockwood Steel, now headquarters to Agent Liberty’s group, they have new alien prisoners courtesy of their raid in the desert. A crack about his mask gets another weird, hate-filled rant from the Agent himself. He then uses a few new toys to take control of the prisoners, which bodes ill for pretty much everyone. At the DEO, Alex has a little mini-breakdown in the locker room (you’d think the Director of the DEO, a major Federal agency, would at least have an office, but we’ve never seen it) before giving a pep talk to the agents.


Manchester Black goes undercover to bond with the anti-alien cop while J’Onn tries to search telepathically for the missing aliens and appeals to his father for help. He gets a hint about finding Fiona, finally. Manchester and the cop meet back up in an alley after Manchester drinks the cop under the table. Between them, they figure out what’s coming next. J’Onn warns Alex, who gets the DEO ready for action. As the team gets ready, Alex and Supergirl argue about the Girl of Steel’s role in the fight.


The team fights a strange new foe at a National City police station, leading Alex to compare the fight to Whack-A-Mole. J’Onn slips in his pacifist vows, and Manchester shows a very cool fighting style. Just as the team is starting to lose, Supergirl arrives to save the day, provoking an argument with Alex. Manchester and J’Onn get another clue about Fiona while we see there was a reason Supergirl wasn’t supposed to part of the action.


Brainiac warns that Supergirl’s armor is stressed to the breaking point. J’Onn introduces his new friend around. The President calls and is furious with Alex for allowing Supergirl to risk herself. Weirdly, the President seems to be in a rage that gets calmed by one of his aides speaking to him and abruptly ends the video call. Brainiac gets a lesson in emotion management from Lena and the two of them start working on brainstorming an idea on how to cleanse the atmosphere of kryptonite.


Alex and Supergirl have a major argument about Supergirl following orders. Scenes like this are probably why Superman and Batman tend to work alone, Justice League to one side. Agent Liberty and the Graves siblings have a bit of an argument, and he comes up with a new plan to terrorize people for their own good. Because somehow that makes sense, if you’re enough of a bigot.


Alex tells the DEO to focus on Fiona, for lack of any other leads. Brainiac has a very amusing report on the nanites he and Lena are adapting. Manchester Black tells J’Onn about his past with Fiona and the meaning of the title of the episode. J’Onn gets an idea about what to try next. At CatCo, Nia and James have a conversation about him going back out in his masked identity.


J’Onn and Manchester work together to try and home in on Fiona, and get enough contact to get a few clues. J’Onn goes on to talk to Alex about their recent choices, and they continue their mutual admiration society. Brainiac figures out where Fiona is being held, and does some calculations for Alex. Alex decides to go with her gut, as she and J’Onn talked about. Supergirl is ready for action, and they get in some wordplay about “suiting up.”


At the National City Fairgrounds, there’s a big showdown between Mercy’s mob and the DEO and friends. One small bit that I really liked was that one of the toys being sold is a Beebo doll. Not only was he entertaining on Legends of Tomorrow, but this means Beebo is one of two characters two be on both Earths, the other being Batman. The nanites are working away in the background as the fight rages on. One amusing bit was Supergirl in armor hurling a hammer at one of the bad guys, in a scene very reminiscent of a different Superman family character, Steel. James gives up on the warnings and charges into action as Guardian to help out, mostly using his tricked-out bike and not his trademark shield. The good guys mostly win, but there’s a casualty.


Alex gets two surprises back at the DEO, one good and one a lot less welcome. Lena argues with James about his taking off without talking to her, which is a bit ironic from the woman who hates to be told what to do. James also gets a good news/bad news series of updates. Kara and Alex bond over a joke from the Fairgrounds. One of the characters goes to the dark side in the wake of a loss. We get a check in on the Russian Supergirl, clearly a takeoff on the Red Son Superman Elseworlds story. And Agent Liberty tries to create a new weapon for his crazed crusade.


What I liked: I’m glad Guardian was back in action, and not willing to bow to threats. Supergirl is clearly a hero all the way through. Brainiac and Lena’s scene was interesting, and I loved his bit about the nanites. Manchester’s style in the police station was fun to watch and very elegant.


What I didn’t: We may have lost two recurring characters this episode, but the CW shows are so indifferent to people dying it was hard to tell. Alex was very uncharacteristically uncertain. I really don’t like the J’Onn as super-pacifist plot. They really need better security and updates throughout the DEO.


It was a decent, not great, episode. I’ll give it a low 3 out of 5.