Cloak & Dagger: Funhouse Mirror


Tyrone makes a bad choice for his after school job

Cloak and Dagger continue trying to discover the limits of their powers and the secret behind the Roxxon conspiracy in “Funhouse Mirrors.” Linking a lot of the scenes together are the enigmatic Auntie Chantelle, who is doing a Tarot card reading for the city as a whole, as her niece, Evita, looks on. These scenes do a great job of hinting at something big coming and throwing the tiniest bit of light on the link between Tyrone and Tandy.

After the reveal last time that Duane, Tyrone and Billy’s former friend, is in on covering up Billy’s death, Tyrone has been watching him. While Tyrone spies, which he has several times so far shown that he’s not so good at, Tandy becomes “Liz,” a new Roxxon intern cozying up to Mina Hess, daughter of one of Tandy’s father’s former co-workers. Initially resistant, Mina eventually accepts “Liz” and tells her what she needs to be ready for a day at work.

Tyrone eventually openly approaches Duane, who is in the midst of disciplining Kev, one of his men. Tyrone asks for a job as part of his master plan to keep an eye on Duane, but gets told there are no openings. They talk about the big game last night, and Tyrone wonders about what his life would have been like if Billy hadn’t died. Duane tells him he’s on the right path with college coming up, and sends him on his way with a handshake. Tyrone glares and then decides to switch to following Kev. Spy-boy, indeed.

Reilly comes in to work looking very different from usual, and her “friend” Officer Fuchs warns her she is stirring a lot of things up. Tyrone’s attempt at shadowing goes about as badly as I expected given his track record so far. For someone with shadowy powers, Tyrone kind of sucks at this.

Auntie Chantelle continues her reading, predicting dire things for New Orleans in general, and Tyrone and Tandy in particular. Tyrone meets up with Tandy at her church. She’s not necesarily thrilled with his dropping by. They compare notes on their current schemes, and Tandy offers Tyrone some advice. She calls their currents plan “The Adventures of Scientists and Criminals.”

I’ve commented before that they’re doing a great job of injecting bits of New Orleans into the show without just the stereotypical bits. They keep that up with showing an old amusement park that’s been abandoned since Katrina as the setting for Tandy’s next meeting with Mina. I’ve seen pictures of the place before and thought it looked cool. Mina is baking and offering philosophical insights as Tandy plays clueless Liz. For someone supposedly so good at conning people, Tandy is really not subtle as she asks about Mina’s father several times.

While Tyrone spies on Kev, Reilly works her own infiltration plot, trying to get closer to Connors. She’s playing a dangerous game, and Fuchs looks on, clearly worried. Chantelle’s reading brings up the concept of a “Divine Pairing” that are entwined with the fate of the city, and shows Tyrone as one of them.

Tandy and Mina wade in the swamps, sharing observations about the behavior of bees. The scene also shows that Tandy as at least done some research on her mark. They compare New Orleans to bees and the analogy kind of works. Reilly and Connors talk about their plans, and Connors explains his mindset. He and Reilly spar a bit back and forth, and then roll up on some of Duane’s runners. Kev loses his bag of drugs, and Tyrone finally does something sneaky by grabbing the bag and evading everyone.

A slightly out of breath Tandy sees one of the projects Mina has been working on. Mina finally lets slip some of what Roxxon is up to.. They do have a special project going, and it sounds both revolutionary and ominous. Tandy inexpertly fishes for more information about Mina’s dad, and then an annoying suit called Stan shows up. He oozes corporate schmuck, and I have no doubt that he’s going to be a problem.

Connor chases Kev down and confirms how shady he is. Kev doesn’t appreciate the lengths Connor has to go to in order to keep up appearances with Reilly. Kev sort of bluffs his way out, or at least gives Connor a good excuse to let him go, when Reilly turns up without the bag. At that point, if I was Connor, I’d be suspecting Reilly of hiding it, but that never seems to come up.

In one of the few scenes I had an issue with, Mina realizes something is wrong with the system she designed and oversaw, but Tandy is the one who finds the flaw. Tandy is one of the main characters, sure, but Mina should have caught this before she did. I guess the justification would be Tandy having fresh eyes. At any rate, to no real suprise, the problem is Stan cutting corners and covering it up. As Mina and Tandy leave, Tandy uses her power for a bit of petty payback.

Kev catches up with Tyrone and they fight over the bag. Kev touches Tyrone enough to trigger his powers, and Kev’s fear is a strange one. The distraction is enough to let Tyrone get away with the bag. I’m really not sure how Kev managed to find Tyrone so easily.

Chantelle continues her reading, and there’s a very bad sounding comparison to a freight train coming. Duane yells at Kev for losing the bag when Tyrone walks in with it, using bringing it back as leverage for getting a job. Duane is dubious but agrees to take him along .

Mina is furious at Stan’s interference and incompetence, and starts asking “Liz” where she learned to read plans so well. Tandy bobbles a bad story about a father at her school doing science classes for the kids. Tandy is doing about as well as Tyrone this go around, which isn’t like her. Mina talks about her father a little, and Tandy suddenly decides not to use her power on her new friend after all. Which is part of the problem, Tandy isn’t good with having friends and doesn’t know how to handle it.

Connor starts a plot to set up Reilly, and we can see two of the plots starting to head towards each other. Tyrone tries to get some information out of Duane, and gets a very dark lecture about Duane’s outlook on the city and life in general. Tandy finds out she’s not as slick as she likes to think she is.

Chantelle makes another dire prediction about Tyrone and Tandy. Duane reveals something to Tyrone he didn’t mean to, and they argue about the past. They get interrupted when Connor comes in and gives Duane some orders about Reilly. Tyrone hears all this from where he’s hiding. Tandy follows Mina to her father, but learns she’s not likely to get what she wants from him. Mina is remarkably understanding, and Tandy gets a chance to use her power, but doesn’t get what she needs. Tyrone saves Reilly’s life, and things get ugly as Tyrone loses another chance at proving Connor killed his brother, and then shows Connor a lot more than the crooked cop should see. Crushed, Tyrone flees to the church where he and Tandy almost hug and their powers flare up again.

What I liked: They do a great job of making this clearly a New Orleans show, and not just “We’re saying it’s in New Orleans.” Chantelle’s readings did a great job of hinting at what’s to come and sort of connecting several of the scenes. Reilly is playing a very dangerous game, but I’m really curious to see how she handles it as she keeps getting in deeper. Mina told us a lot about what Roxxon is up to, and showed Tandy isn’t the prefect con artist she likes to think she is.

What I didn’t: The only bits I didn’t like were the two scenes I mentioned above that happened close together. I don’t get how Kev found Ty so easily. New Orleans isn’t that small a place. Tandy handled her attempt with Mina like a rank amateur, and she really should be better than that. And those two aren’t big issues, just more things I’m wondering about.

I continue to be really impressed with this series. I’ll give this a high 3.5 out of 5.