Krypton: Savage Night


What do you mean the name “Rebel Alliance” is taken?

“Savage Night” backs up a bit in the timeline of events on Krypton. We start with the first meeting of Adam Strange and Seg-El, and Adam disappearing when Seg looked away. Adam ends up in a mostly white room arguing with two disembodied voices with names that comic fans might know. Sardath is the head scientist of Rann, the planet where Adam has most of his adventures and inventor of the Zeta Beam, and Alanna, Sardath’s daughter and Adam’s wife. Or at least those are the roles they play in the comics. I’m not sure who they here, since we never see them. After a lot of arguing, they let him go back to Krypton with a few warnings and cautions.

Once back, Adam finds and thoroughly startles Kem, who argues with him about the mission. They argue back and forth about Adam’s mission, Superman in general, Zod, and Kem makes a few good points. Kem tries to broker a deal, which I expect is something Kem has done a lot.

Seg and Lyta eat, and comment on supplies running low. Since the streets are still full of Sagitarii guards, they can’t exactly go shopping, or whatever they do on Krypton. They share a kiss, which is interesting considering Seg was kissing Nyssa not that long ago. Kem runs into Sevi the Acolyte on the streets, and she tells him about Voice-iac’s routine in the Genesis Chamber. Kem fills in the group on what Sevi told him. Zod seems to be impressed, even as he’s appalled, about how Brainiac’s Sentry is fueling itself. Nyssa has some more personal worries as they contemplate what all this might mean for Krypton’s future.

Daron waits for his master to come back like a good dog, and Voice-iac tells Daron about the ceremony in the streets. Voice-iac seems amused by Daron’s persistent pursuit of power. The former Voice makes vague and ominous promises to Daron. Kem, Seg, and company plot another attack, since the last one went so well. The group splits up to find reinforcements and a body they need. Zod and Jayna stalk through the streets, debating shooting people in the back and what Jayna has done recently. Kem goes off to check on Ona while the tense group of Nyssa, Seg, and Lyta go in search of Dev-Em’s body as a possible link to Voice-iac. Some of Nyssa’s comments and Seg’s actions don’t do anything to lower the tension.

Zod and Jayna head for Black Zero. Zod is convinced Jax-Ur, the leader and another name from Superman mythos, will want to hear what he has to say. The other three look for Dev, with Nyssa and Seg bantering. They find Dev, but get a few surprises when they do.

Speaking of surprises, Zod isn’t getting quite the reception he planned on from Jax-Ur, who, in turn, isn’t sure why he’d bring Jayna to them. Jax makes some conversation with Jayna, and isn’t pleased when Zod butts in. They go back and forth a bit and then Zod starts telling Jax about Brainiac.

The other three bring Dev to the Fortress and Val starts trying to do what he can for the soldier who can’t catch a break. Val gives them a few warnings about what might happen as Dev recovers, while Nyssa is just stunned about the existence of the Fortress at all. Lyta urges Val to do everything he can while Seg and Nyssa compare notes on efforts to save the world. Kem gets back to his tavern to find Adam there, and isn’t pleased to see the time-traveling spaceman. Kem does a long, loud rant about what’s important to him and Adam makes a decision that comically surprises Kem.

Jax’s first reaction to the news of an alien threat is that Val-El was right. Jax finally agrees to help the band of rebels, but has a condition. That calls for a rough choice from one of the group, but they agree so fast they surprise a few of the others. Kem and Adam find Ona in her role as Acolyte. She seems delighted to see Kem and they talk about her new life. Kem ends up leaving, a bit unsure about how she’s doing, and tells her she can always come back to him. Kem, bitter, tells Adam to go away and give up on his new quest after they are chased off by guards.

After another flashback to Adam with Sardath and Alanna, or at least their voices, the Earthman makes a surprising decision. He tries to form a new alliance, trading on his knowledge from the future, although he’s smart enough to not use that particular selling point. He and his new “friend” bicker for a bit before Adam makes a new demand, back in line with is original mission.

Val gets Dev partially woken up, and Lyta makes an impassioned plea Dev agrees to. When Jayna criticizes Zod’s drinking before battle, he goes on about Earth, yellow sun radiation, and how Kal-El isn’t really that special. Keep telling yourself that, Zod. He also reveals how he survived Krypton’s destruction, and is surprisingly honest about it.

Daron tries to impress Voice-iac with what he’s learned as the rebels attack. There’s a lot of fighting both in the Genesis Chamber and from the Fortress, but finally the forces of good prevail. Maybe. You know that old bit about “If you don’t find the body…”? The Chamber does look a lot different than when we’ve seen it before. Lyta thanks Dev-Em for his help, and Nyssa and Daron get a not particularly warm reunion. She basically calls him what I have been for a while now, and it’s a chilling scene on some fronts. Jax gets what she wanted, and Zod reminds her that his part of the deal hasn’t been fully honored yet. Zod and Jax-Ur go back and forth a bit but she agrees to what he asks.

Ona doesn’t know what to make of everything that’s happened, and then gets a reunion with her mentor, who sends her off on a mission. Adam toys with his Zeta beam and gets his longed-for cigarette, reacting when the guards suddenly run by. Seg and Kem are trying to enjoy their victory when they get an unexpected visitor. Adam makes a last minute heroic save and ends up in a new dilemma for his efforts. Kem gets crushed by the ugly end of the episode, poor guy.

What I liked: I’m not sure who we’re supposed to be rooting for here, but I kind of like Seg with Nyssa better than Lyta. Kem’s devotion to Ona is touching. Nyssa in general continues to impress me. Jayna and Jax’s scene together amused me a lot. Zod ranting about Kal was perfectly in character for the egomaniac.

What I didn’t: Everything to do with Adam. From the weird scene with sorta Sardath and Alanna, to how he’s acting, to how the Zeta beam is working, none of this sounds right. Every single thing they’re doing with him would have worked better and been more in character for Booster Gold. Yes, I know I’ve said that before. They keep driving that home over and over again. I felt really bad for Kem at the end.

I’m just not loving this series. It’s decent, but I think at this point I’m largely watching for Nyssa. I’ll give this a low 3 out of 5.