Agents of SHIELD: Option Two


It’s true, Yo Yo. No one likes that sweater.

Things are fairly desperate for the Agents of SHIELD. They’re on their own, still on the run, and have some formidable new enemies. And while SHIELD is having problems, their enemies are one step ahead of them. Part of this we knew, when Talbot suddenly had a post hypnotic suggestion activated. While he already performed a task under this influence, now we learn there was a second one. Talbot feels terrible about this, but Coulson is trying to cut him slack.

The team has a very tense meeting in the control center. There are factions developing in the ranks, and I wonder how well they’re going to be doing together. Despite Daisy supposedly being in charge, Coulson ends the argument by sending everyone off to do their appointed tasks. Two new agents murmur to each other in the wake of the heated discussion, worried about what they’re seeing. In the wake of the meeting/argument breaking up, Daisy and May are clearly plotting something amongst themselves.

Fitz and Deke argue about multiverse theory, and Fitz gets a bit of a surprise. Fitz goes back on his “time can’t be changed” kick, and Simmons gets in on the discussion. There’s some talk about an unexpected possibility of what may happen to Deke if they succeed, and then they make the questionable decision to send Deke off with some of the gravitonium. I can’t imagine why anyone besides Deke thinks that’s a good idea.

Talbot and Coulson discuss what Talbot has done, but it’s a bit too late. SHIELD, the Lighthouse, and the nearby town of Rivers’ Edge (where Deke first encountered his beloved Zima) get totally cut off from the rest of the world as a huge alien ship parks over them. As May briefs everyone about what’s going on, the base’s weird, limited AI kicks in again, leading to both an error in judgement and the episode title. No one is happy about the new circumstances.

The screens all go dark to make for a more dramatic greeting from the alien leader. He makes his demands, and Coulson is about as agreeable as you’d expect. Mack and Yo-Yo have a very intense scene which doesn’t go that well for either of them. The worst part of that is, I can see where both of them are coming from, so there’s no easy, “Well, this one’s right,” route. Hopefully, they’ll manage to work through this chaos; I really like them as a couple.

May tries to reassure Yo-Yo, who is worried they’re going down the road her future self warned them about. Coulson is worried about Daisy, until May reveals a few things. Coulson isn’t happy, but isn’t being given a choice. Yo-Yo hears all this and worries that, “This is how we lose.” Yo-Yo reveals more about what she learned in the future, which May won’t believe. There’s some arguing about what to do until Coulson realizes something important about the aliens, and Deke ends up running. A lot.

Deke finally manages to find his way to the control room and warns them about what the aliens can do. Yo-Yo is back in fighting form, and gets sent to get Talbot out. Fitz has an idea about how to get some of the base systems working again, and goes off with Deke to do it, as Deke wonders where Daisy is.

Speaking of, Daisy meets up with Mack’s old friend, who goes by Candy Man. He has a few toys for Daisy, and they talk about a former SHIELD agent. There’s one important thing missing from what they’re planning, and he tells Daisy what little he knows about it. Daisy is in the perfect position, as it turns out, to figure out the missing ingredient.

Yo-Yo gets to Talbot’s cell and he’s glad to see her. He’s a bit less happy about the security precautions they’re taking with him, although it’s understandable enough. Talbot spouts off a few ideas about how he can help SHIELD, and Yo-Yo tells him why they won’t work. I really do feel bad for the situation Talbot has ended up in. Meanwhile, Fitz and Agent Red-Shirt (sorry, he might as well be) go to try and find the place Fitz needs to try his next idea. Deke makes a timely arrival, and the two of them end up finding out Fitz’s plan won’t work how he was hoping.

While the aliens issue some orders that don’t sound good for our heroes, Coulson relays Fitz’s disappointment, and organizes a last stand in the control center. When Yo-Yo comments they don’t have a lot of firepower, Talbot reminds her they have her powers at least. Fitz warns the aliens seem to have an EMP device, and that fire might work on them, which gives Coulson a chance to say something he’s always wanted to. Talbot worries about being kept away from the fight, and Deke wails that he can’t be stuck in the Lighthouse for years; there’s so much he hasn’t seen yet.

Piper and Davis discuss Davis’ near-legendary past as Simmons rounds up gear that won’t be as vulnerable to the aliens’ EMP. There’s some pounding on the door that gets a lot of dramatic buildup, but turns out to be Yo-Yo and Talbot joining them in the lab. They figure out they’re cut off from Coulson’s control center, and Talbot calls them the last line of defense for the gravitonium.

Mack links up with Deke and Fitz and they fight some of the very impressive aliens, who don’t seem to care that much about being hit with shotgun blasts. As they retreat, Talbot starts working himself up in the lab about drawing a line in the sand and other phrases. He gets struck by desperate inspiration that Simmons tells him is a horrible idea, and then he does it anyway. This could be really, really bad.

Fitz has MacGyvered together a firebomb that May approves of. Deke and Fitz exchange some banter while Coulson upgrades his hand weapons. Mack even gives Coulson his beloved shotgun-axe. The agents are all set to make a desperate final stand when they get a really unlikely last-minute rescue that stuns everyone. By the end of it, the aliens are dealt with, the Lighthouse gets a new big hole in it (I think THAT’S different from the future version at least) and Coulson gets taken for a ride. The episode ends with Daisy doing some digging on her new lead.

What I liked: I’m glad that Talbot’s at least trying to help, not just being crazy victim. The new myth growing up around Davis is entertaining, and the sort of thing I could so easily see happening. Coulson is always entertaining. The tension on the team is tough to see, but makes perfect sense to me. That final rescue is damned impressive, no matter how many complications it will cause.

What I didn’t: I hate seeing Yo-Yo and Mack like this. They make a great couple. For a bastion of mankind’s last hope, the Lighthouse seems kind of light on armaments.

It was a good, solid, entertaining episode with a big twist at the end. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5.