iZombie: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2


The gang go out for a night on the town…

In a rare two-parter, iZombie continues last episode’s story with “Brainless in Seattle, Part 2.” It starts with a nasty scene in The Scratching Post, with a zombie getting beaten on by some guys from Fillmore-Graves. The F-G crew is looking worse and worse as this season goes on.

Liv goes on about brain rations, still under the influence of flighty, romantic brain, as she and Clive are on stakeout. She babbles about her diary and her new love, Tim. Clive just looks long-suffering and tries to get through it. I bet he can’t wait for this one to wear off. Over at Fillmore, Major and his new recruits try and find the missing video, tracking down leads, and learn Tucker has it.

Tucker is the guy who got scratched, and he goes into a very anti-zombie bar he used to hang out in. His former friends tease him about his new condition, and it’s not really friendly banter. He has a conversation with what seems like used to be a close friend, who gives him some unwelcome advice, then leaves him to watch the video of how he was changed, yet again.

Don E and Tanner bicker as Blaine sits behind his desk. Blaine’s current personality quirk is babbling the truth at inconvenient moments, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. If he’s on the brain of the guy that knew Renegade, which he pretty much says he is, that guy didn’t talk even when Blaine started torturing him. Now he makes it so people can’t shut up? Blaine recruits Don E into the effort to find Renegade.

At the morgue, Ravi is delighted as he reveals the names of three of the serial killer’s victims. Clive is less impressed. They do work out a link between the deceased, and it gives them someplace to look. Ravi is actually a step ahead of Clive for once, and gets very excited about his new project, while Liv keeps trying to play matchmaker.

Blaine babbles more at his restaurant, saying more than he should, before finally getting a vision of Renegade. The surroundings are a clue, but not one he knows anything about. Tanner gives Blaine some news about what Fillmore-Graves has been up to.

The Prophet continues his odd preaching, working up the crowd. Tucker wanders in and gets swept up in the emotion as Angus there riles them up against Fillmore-Graves. Since they are the defacto rulers of the city, and much better armed, this could be a nasty confrontation down the road.

Liv is on an overly emotional baking kick, and Peyton does her best to talk her roomie down. It’s not easy. Ravi’s clever scheme hasn’t gotten them a lead so far, but Liv ends up chatting with Renegade finally. Renegade is a coyote, yes, but one with a moral code. It also sounds like she was one of Blaine’s early customers. She met Liv under tragic circumstances, and has come to admire the undead coroner.

Major and his kid squad go trying to hunt down Tucker, and end up on the same bar he was in earlier. The one with the rabidly anti-zombie clientele. Major shows he can be a tough guy when he has to be, and manages to get them a new clue to follow.

Ravi gets a lead and puts in a weird performance that, to me, seemed part Monty Python. Liv suddenly gives Clive some unwanted advice, and he’s about as pleased as you’d expect. He’s not happy with her, and I think this might be the most upset I’ve seen Clive, certainly the most at Liv.

Major and his cadets trace Tucker to the church, where everyone gets some surprises. It’s part stand-off, part mob scene, and part prophecy, as someone who knows who the Prophet is finally sees him. Again, I think something ugly is coming down the road for them sooner or later.

Clive is still upset with Liv, and Ravi is rattled at what he has to do next. Things don’t go quite as expected, but then, do they ever? Clive gets annoyed at what appears to be yet more meddling from Liv as they wrap up the crime scene. He confronts her about this later, and that part might not have been what it seemed. This turns into a conversation where Liv learns more about Clive’s relationship than she might have wanted to know.

Major takes his recruits to the Scratching Post for a night out while Blaine finally gets the vision he needs, which leads to more odd outbursts from him. Blaine pays an unwelcome visit to someone to fulfill his deal with Chase Graves. Someone’s going to have a bad night.

The main cast of good guys ends up having a mini-reunion at The Scratching Post, or most of them do. It’s made a lot funnier with the brain Major ends up on, but he and Liv are at least not screaming at each other anymore. We also learn what the big human vs zombie event actually is, and it’s nowhere near as bad as it sounded. It’s a fun scene and a good end to the episode, but it seemed oddly more like a season finale than just another episode.

What I liked: The CW has a good collection of people doing great jobs playing villains. I don’t know how it’d work, but I’d love to see Blaine team up with Damian Darhk from Legends of Tomorrow. They are building up to something big with the Prophet, and I wonder how that’s going to spin out. I’m glad Clive stood up to Liv about her meddling and outbursts. I’m really curious to see what was up with that elevator. The end scene was really entertaining. Ravi had several good scenes.

What I didn’t: This is the second persona Liv has adopted recently that I couldn’t wait to get rid of, and this one was drawn out over two episodes. I’m worried about the character that had the bad scene at the end, as I kind of like them.

This show is consistently entertaining, and this is another of those. I’ll give this one a high 3.5 out of 5. I really enjoy this series, they just keep going on break for so long I almost forget about it between seasons.