iZombie: Dirt Nap Time


Put the puppet down, Liv!

While a lot of other shows do this, iZombie makes a bit of a departure from their usual format by staring “Dirt Nap Time” right where last episode last off. Major tells his desperate friends that he gave the dose of the cure he’d been carrying around to Natalie, the woman forced into undead prostitution (wow, that sounds even worse than I thought it would) by Blaine. The one thing that makes no sense to me is that no one even suggests getting in touch with her to see if she still has it. Liv is sure Blaine stole the other doses and is livid about it. Major feels crushed that he apparently gave away Liv’s best chance at becoming human again. Ravi points out that it might have been the always-slimy Don E behind the theft. Peyton and Liv scheme to go after Blaine, exasperating Ravi but having some great reactions in the exchange.

Blaine is clearly not at his best while performing at the bar that night. Things get worse for him when he leaves and Liv asks him some questions very forcefully. Aside from possibly making Liv feel better, and giving Blaine a chance for some more wisecracks, it’s a very non-productive visit.

What is no doubt going to become the murder of the week starts off in a pre-school classroom. The teacher, Jamie Brennan, seems to be great with the kids. It’s the moms he has trouble with as we see in a big confrontation just after school. Let’s just say he’s excessively friendly with more than one mom.

Sure enough, the very next scene is Clive examining the crime scene at Brennan’s house. When Ravi and Liv arrive, they both are startled by the body. That’s not a good sign with experienced Medical Examiners. Then again, you don’t see a lot of death by nail gun. Clive comes up with a decent theory of the crime, after they get past the awkward “Why is Liv still a zombie” exchange. The fridge also has an interesting note, spelled out in those colorful letter magnets.

Clive and Liv go to the school after Liv gets her snack, and man does the teacher brain kick in hard. She’s like an even more sweet version of Mr. Rogers, which is amusing to watch but not so good for a murder investigation. They get told about Brennan’s extra-cirricular activities and move on to interview the moms in question. Those three are Macy, Piper, and Eleanor.

Blaine is at work and clearly shattered over things with Peyton. His employee, Candy, tries to make him feel better and to get him to focus on business. Blaine does not always make the best decisions, and he handles this badly, pissing off Candy and likely alienating at least some of the viewers that were starting to feel bad for him.

Peyton is in her office, looking spaced out. Even distracted, she still manages to take the defense attorney for Weckler, the confessed killer in the dominatrix case, apart. She’s willing to deal, if Weckler will give up the missing memory card from the camera. The attorney, who is never named, says Weckler won’t give it up.

Major and Justin, his mercenary DJ (another phase I never thought I’d use) buddy are hanging out with a mayoral candidate who is part of the zombie scene. Justin not so subtly pushes at Major until Major admits he’s cured. Justin is excited to hear this, but then loses most of that when Major shares the news about the stolen cure. Major, remarkably unwisely, wants to not tell anyone at Fillmore-Graves about his change in status. Here’s the thing- the reason Fillmore has become such a kick-ass outfit is that they’re zombies. You know, a lot more durable than humans? The one mission we saw Major go on, he wouldn’t have survived as a human. And he’s going to hide this? He’s not only going to get himself killed, he’s putting the others in danger. Not cool, Major.

Of the three wives, Macy has the most interesting alibi. After going on about how good the sex was, and how great a listener Jamie was (a common theme), she says her husband knew about her sleeping with Jamie. In fact, she says they have an open relationship. That’s something that’s almost never portrayed well on tv, so I was really curious to see how that went. What was great was Liv/Mr. Rogers being so shocked by this.

Peyton and the defense attorney with no name (not even on IMDB) have a meeting with Weckler about the memory card. Just when they’re making progress, a much better connected lawyer, Thorn, comes in. He announces he’s Weckler’s attorney now, which surprises everyone in the room, including Weckler. After a moment of whispering, Weckler fires No Name and says Thorn represents him now. Curiouser and curiouser…

After another interview with another woman who goes on about how good a listener Jamie was, Major and some of his Fillmore team go in search of a zombie speakeasy they’ve been hearing about. Finally, they find it and of course it’s the Scratching Post, Don E and Angus’ new business. Major almost gets outed by the fairly ingenious screening system they have, but he gets a reprieve from an unlikely source. Once inside, everyone, including Major, is impressed by the club. They also wonder who all the zombies packing the place are, since there are a lot of them, and none of them are from Fillmore. Justin and Major chat about paying for sex and courting Liv.

Major reports on the club to Liv and Ravi, and Liv decides to go investigate. Major suggests she take Justin along for several good reasons. The banter here triggers a vision, and Liv and Clive end up re-interviewing one of the moms. The story gets more tangled, and she’s lying, but she gives them another lead.

Peyton gets a surprise visit from the defense attorney who delivers some shocking news. After that, Liv does some annoying teacher stuff with Clive and his notebook, but they develop a lead further. Justin and Liv then go to the Scratching Post. They flirt, he tells a story from his youth, and Don E makes a great point about why isn’t the cure thief. I hate the little weasel, but he’s right on this one.

Blaine’s been having a bad episode, and it gets worse. Don E and his fellow thugs show up with an offer they won’t let him refuse. Blaine gets betrayed in the course of this, but that’s still not enough. One of the thugs delivers a message from Angus, Blaine’s dad. I thought I loathed Vaughan du Clark, head of Max Rager, when he was around, but Angus is working up my list and he doesn’t even show up this episode.

Clive and Liv go to see a private investigator who they’ve discovered has ties to the case. He’s friendly, professional, won’t violate his client’s confidentiality, but still manages to give them what they need. He’s a very clever man. I’d actually like to see him come back. Based on this, Clive wraps up the case.

Peyton goes to talk to Ravi about more follow up on the dominatrix case. They bat some theories around, and Peyton resigns herself to asking a big favor from Liv that Liv isn’t going to enjoy.

Speaking of Liv, Justin and Major are doing just that. They talk about her and Liv does something cute for Justin based on their earlier talk. The cute scene ends with the re-emergence of Harley Johns, the gun-nut zombie hater. The gun nuts do something stupid, and Fillmore handles it like rank amateurs, not the slick professionals we’ve seen until now. There’s also a major continuity error in this scene. It ends with a nasty cliffhanger involving these two idiots that could be bad news for the entire zombie community.

What I liked: Even while I’m not liking the character, David Anders does a great job as Blaine. Rose McIver was amazingly annoying as the teacher, which was perfect. The PI I praised above. There’s something brewing on this dominatrix case that may well eventually be part of what ever the season finale ends up being. I liked Justin and Liv. Ravi playing dad to both Liv and Peyton in the opening was funny.

What I didn’t: I mentioned my problems with Major hiding his change in status from Fillmore. The end scene had the glitch I mentioned, and was badly done in general.. Everyone kept talking about Jamie the teacher being such a great listener, and that was a build up that went nowhere.

I’ll give this one a 3.5 out of 5. It would have been higher without that end scene and all its problems. I’m really wondering about this memory card now.