iZombie: Some Like It Hot Mess


DJ Liv in da house…sorta


Sometimes I think it might be fun to be around Liv as she goes through her various changes from the brains she’s eaten. Every once in a while, I’m very glad I’m not actually there. This week was one of the second type. The title should be a clue: “Some Like It Hot Mess.”

The opening shows the soon to be victim of the week. Yvonne, as she gets yelled at several times, is a party girl, late to work, and not really the most together person. Apparently not everyone thinks she’s charming, between her boss threatening to fire her and some random woman walking in, confirming her name, and slapping her hard before leaving. What’s even more telling is Yvonne just looks at her coworker, Joel, and shrugs. This happens to her a lot?

Major is enjoying his return to humanity by gorging himself on ice cream and making orgasmic noises. Ravi, trying to quiz him on things from his life to see if the memories have started going yet, is not amused. Major and Liv have some sweet morning after talk that leaves Ravi reminding them, “Still in the room!”

Liv actually goes home for once, and Peyton and Blaine are there, also doing the cute couple thing over breakfast. Liv suggests a few ground rules for them in public spaces, and everyone agrees. Liv talks a little about Ravi’s memory restoring/enhancing serum. She also gets another long vision, leading Blaine to wonder if she’s having a stroke. Finally, she snaps out of it and gets going.

Yvonne from the opening is, indeed, dead. The way she died is questionable at first look, but Clive notices enough details to call it homicide. Again, one of the things I really like about the show is that, despite Liv having special abilities, Clive’s skill contributes just as much, if not more, to the cases. They interview the roommate, Barb, who describes the deceased as always in the middle of some drama. Clive and Liv exchange a long look and an, “Oh, boooy,” knowing what’s coming for Liv.

Apparently, hot mess brain kicks in early, as Liv is already dancing around the morgue and screwing up in the most scatterbrained of ways. When Clive and Liv go to interview Joel, the co-worker, Liv is already all over the map, behaving like a lunatic. Joel shows then the video of Yvonne being slapped. Liv gets very excited when she finds out Yvonne was a DJ.

Major and Ravi are at home gaming. Ravi mentions that he apologized to Peyton via a long voice mail. The conversation isn’t exactly uplifting, and gets worse when Major starts forgetting some of their special moves in the game. Not a good sign when memory loss is a major (no pun intended for once) concern. Ravi tries to convey this to Liv, but she’s too wrapped up in her new drama to process it correctly, or to get the ingredients Ravi needs for his memory serum.

Don E deals with a morose client at The Scratching Post, who is really depressed about being a zombie. A very flaky Liv accompanies Clive to Ice Ship, the club Yvonne worked at. There’s a lot of drama going on there, too, not all of it of Liv or Yvonne’s doing. They do manage to find out who the mystery slapper is from the store video.

Liv goes to check in on Major, who pulls a pretty good joke on her. He’s writing goodbye letters to the people in his life, anticipating the full memory loss. They talk about two names that I’m fairly sure have never come up before, and then Liv leaves in a big dramatic huff. I can’t wait for this brain to wear off, and I’m sure everyone around her is saying the same. Major then hops a bus out of town as soon as he’s alone.

Blaine and Peyton are back to banter over breakfast. Liv comes in, spewing more drama. The recent dominatrix case comes up again, and that really odd confession at the end of it. I’m glad they’re bringing that up, because it made no sense at the time. It’s a relief to know it wasn’t just some bad writing. Liv gets another reminder from Ravi about the ingredients for his blue memory goo, and manages to leave the list behind when she takes off.

The case takes the usual twists and turns among several suspects who keep not quite telling the whole truth. They get a few nudges from Liv’s visions, as usual. Don E comes to the morgue, and tries to bribe Ravi about the blue goo for his client. I don’t remember when Don learned about that, but he is being a slime even about the money. The most interesting thing to come from the visit is that Don is convinced Blaine is faking his memory loss and offers some anecdotal evidence to back it up. This puts Ravi in the rough spot of knowing something he should tell Peyton, but if he does, he sounds like a jealous ex, especially the way he’s been acting of late. Ravi makes his choice, and it goes about as well as you’d expect.

Liv continues to act like a brainless wonder, annoying everyone around her, and once again forgets the memory goo. By this point, I really don’t understand why Ravi isn’t taking care of this himself. I wouldn’t rely on Liv for anything until this brain’s influence is gone. It gets worse when he points out she’s supposed to be watching Major. As we already know, he’s gone, and they don’t know where. The next scene shows us that, at least.

Peyton and Blaine do seem to eat a lot together. She once again brings him food, and they have another bit of their banter. It gets serious when the subject of Blaine’s possibly faking his memory loss comes up. There are a few surprises here, and it bodes ill for their future relationship. Peyton even works in a crack about lawyers, which is her job.

Major has a happy reunion and we learn a bit more about his background. Thinking about it, his history has been unexplained. For that matter, I sort of wonder what happened to Liv’s brother and mother. It’s been a while since we saw them or even heard about them. Ravi, Liv, and Peyton are together when they get a call that’s some good news for a change.

The last few scenes are a roller coaster. With all the good news, it sounds like Liv should be able to take the cure and get her life back. Clive comes in, having wrapped the case after another Liv vision steered him in the right direction.  Liv tells Clive she won’t be able to help him anymore, and it’s a bit bittersweet. Then, they get some bad news with a new problem. As all this happens, we seen Blaine has a new project which really doesn’t make any sense to me.

What I liked: The banter and funny lines are always good. This episode especially gives us a feel for the characters actually liking each other and being important to each other. Rose McIver, as always, did a great job, even if I wanted her to shut up almost every time she started talking. I’m glad they at least mentioned the weird confession in the dominatrix case.

What I didn’t: The sudden revelation about Blaine felt like it came out of nowhere. It’s too convenient for too many sub-plots. I also don’t get what he was up to in the last scene. I know it’ll never be a major plot point, but I’d really like to see some of these people who keep lying during the murder investigations charged with Obstructing Justice. I wonder when the complications from Major’s change are going to set in.

This one was really good. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5. It’s going to be an interesting rush to the season finale.