Flash: I Know Who You Are


Guess Who’s Coming To The Lab…

In a very dramatic nighttime scene, the Flash confronts Savitar. Pointing his finger at the hulking metal shape, Flash gives us this week’s title as he proclaims, “I Know Who You Are.” Then, of course, we get the narrative trick that’s been working its way to same level of cliche as evil twins and lovers fighting over a mistake. We jump back in time to see how we got here, in this case, sixteen hours back

In the morning, Joe and Cecile are returning to the West’s house after a run. She’s training for a marathon, and he’s clearly regretting agreeing to do it with her. He makes an in-joke about running not being as easy for him as some members of his family. They end up on the couch together, and then Cecile blurts out the potentially relationship-changing words, “I love you.” Both of them are kind of freaked by this, and it’s made worse when Joe’s phone rings and calls him away.

Barry is, quite literally, back from the future, and comes bearing news of Tracy Rand, the brilliant woman who is supposed to invent the device to trap Savitar in the Speed Force. Their next desperate move is to get her to create it earlier than in the original timeline, and save Iris’ life. Because nothing bad has ever happened from messing with time on this show, right? Barry, Joe, and HR go to find her, armed with her future resume. After they leave, Cisco and Julian bicker about not doing more to find Caitlin. Cisco rattles off everything he’s been doing, which is a lot. Julian grumbles about Wally being off on Earth 3 visiting Jesse. I don’t much like Julian, but he has a point this time. It’s a weird time to leave the planet.

The Three Wise Men find Miss Rand, and it doesn’t do a lot to encourage them. She’s in her lab at Central City University, burning all her notes, saying her work was a waste, and ranting about going to get a job at Big Belly Burger. Barry ends up trying to give her a pep talk after Cisco and HR end up caught in yet another digression about the weird phrasing and vocabulary from HR’s world. Things go from bad to worse as Killer Frost waltzes in, making a quip about admission here being so easy. Frost does her best to kill Rand, and Barry and Cisco manage to hold her off. The fight ends with Barry doing some weird, undefined trick that involves snapping his fingers and making a lab burner turn into a flamethrower. The group sadly realizes that Killer Frost is working with Savitar to kill Tracy.

After Frost gets away, they relocate to the police department. Tracy, naturally, has worked with the sketch artist to get a pretty good picture of Killer Frost. The team isn’t thrilled with this, as they’re still trying to protect Caitlin from herself, and law enforcement in general. Cecile pops up, wondering why the college campus doesn’t have video of the attack. I don’t know how likely it is that they’d have video in a lab, but apparently Barry erased it all anyway. Cecile and Joe have a murmured conversational aside about the I love you thing, which makes Barry’s head snap up. Tracy takes off, getting in some good lines about Jack Frost’s sister and witness overprotection.

Killer Frost has a tense scene with Savitar. When she reports her failure, the so-called God of Speed wonders if she has more Caitlin in her than she wants to admit. He also points out that, despite her name, she’s never actually killed anyone. He tells her, a lot more forcefully, to go kill Tracy.

Tracy herself has gone to Jitters, because each show gets just one hang-out spot. I guess it cuts down on the set budget. HR finds her here, and partially flirts with her, partially science-babbles. Of course, since he’s not the really technically skilled type, Cisco is feeding him details via ear-piece like an updated Cyrano de Bergerac. Julian gets on Cisco for hesitating when he had a chance to stop Killer Frost, and they bicker some more. Julian is really getting out of control about his feelings for Caitlin. Elsewhere, Barry urges Joe to tell Cecile the truth. That’s Barry, always protecting his secret identity.

Tracy talks about her work to HR, and is thrilled when he shares the name “Speed Force.” She’s on the track to building her speed trap, but gets interrupted when HR notices what’s happened to his drink. They make a break for it, and Killer Frost shows up. Flash and the team show up for another fight. Cisco hesitates again, and Barry pays the price. In a replay of an earlier encounter between them, Killer Frost hamstrings Barry again. At least they acknowledge it’s happened before.

As usual when the team is at a loss, they meet up back at STAR. Tracy and Cisco techno-babble at each other, and Tracy gets another good name off, dubbing Killer Frost the White Witch. After an aside about Terminator jokes, Tracy is stunned when she find out her theories are right. They put some pressure on her about stopping Savitar, and she runs away. HR takes the unusual step of being the one to go do “the talk.”

Cisco and Julian argue more, which honestly is getting old. I get it. He’s worried. Ease off on the drama flakes, guys. Barry and Joe talk more about Cecile, and Joe shares one of the reasons he hasn’t told her about everything. It makes a sort of sense, although I think it’s a bad idea. HR then reports that Tracy has taken off.

HR is puzzled that she left, saying he gave her a pep talk and everything. Cisco snarks that that must be why she left. HR uses their future hologram to figure out where she might be, and finds her at the statue of Galileo in the park. They talk some more and get a few more good lines. He actually manages to do a good job of reassuring her.

Joe and Cecile have a talk at the West house. He makes a really dumb decision, but then gets interrupted when Killer Frost pops up again. She kidnaps Cecile and issues villain threats on the way out. Just for good measure, she gives Joe a parting shot.

The team frets collectively and then comes up with a plan. Julian actually says some good things to Cisco, which is a nice change, and HR fills Tracy in on her role in the plan. They get underway with Joe going to the swap point to see Cecile. Killer Frost tries to make herself sound more reasonable in the exchange. I’m not sure if she’s still being some residual Caitlin or just trying to persuade the others. Killer Frost, Flash, and Cisco get into a fight. The heroes are doing pretty well until Savitar shows up again.

The team meets up and questions how they survived. They also speculate on how Savitar seemed to know exactly what was going to happen. They do at least get to what I was wondering about, why Savitar didn’t just kill Tracy himself.

Tracy and HR talk about everything they’ve just been through. She shows how bright she is by switching from “Oh my God I can’t believe that happened” to theorizing about why Savitar wears the armor. They also talk about the future in several different ways.

Cecile and Joe talk, about her abduction and his feelings. That ends up better than things did earlier at least, not that that’s a really high bar. The Wests have a talk when Wally comes back, and rehash what happened. Barry comes to a jolting realization, and slips away. He speeds off to confront Savitar, although how Barry knew where to find him I’m not sure. We finally get the reveal of who Savitar is. Ok, every theory I had was wrong. I’ll admit it.

What I liked: Tracy was a fun addition to the team and got some great lines. I kind of hope she sticks around. I liked her with HR. I liked the good talk Cisco and Julian had in the middle there. I’m glad the mystery of Savitar’s identity is revealed. Don’t see how it helps, but glad they know so they can stop obsessing.

What I didn’t: The Julian/Cisco bickering is getting old. Joe made some amazingly stupid decisions for a smart guy. It seemed like a really bizarrely unlikely time for Wally to leave the planet. I don’t think the writers know what to do with Iris, she just sort of keeps hanging around as damsel in distress/plot point.

It was an uneven episode. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.