iZombie: Wag the Tongue Slowly


The Light Dawns about the Quirk of the Week


While there are several major plots going on in the background, much of the focus on iZombie each episode is the murder of the week. Every once in a while, it’s hard to feel much sympathy for the victim. “Wag The Tongue Slowly” is one of those times. After a brief scene with a worse-for-the-wear Ravi examining Blaine, we meet this week’s victim. She’s the company gossip at a dental supply place, and she has a really vicious tongue. After a fire drill, said gossip ends up dead in the restroom. The scream/reaction with two coworkers is really nicely done.

It turns out that Cheryl, the dead gossip, was on anti-depressants, which apparently reacted badly when someone spiked her yogurt with Utopium, the illegal drug that played a part in Liv’s zombie origin. Cheryl didn’t end up a zombie, though, just dead. And, of course, her incredibly annoying tendency to gossip got passed on to Liv when she ate Cheryl’s brain. This is particularly badly timed as she starts going on about Peyton and Blaine, which is the last thing poor Ravi wants to hear.

Clive and Liv spend some time working their off-the-books investigation of the murders of Clive’s former neighbors. After that, they meet with the HR rep of Cheryl’s company, and get the best reaction I’ve seen so far when they learn about Cheryl’s gossiping. The HR rep also drops off an entire binder full of complaints about Cheryl. She didn’t exactly make herself popular, which means Clive has a lot of suspects. This leads to several interviews with people who had less than good interactions with Cheryl, while Clive looks increasingly annoyed at Liv’s new-found loose tongue.

Ravi goes into full blown self-pity mode, which doesn’t look good on anyone. When Blaine manages to find a lead on Major’s missing friend, Natalie, Ravi goes with Major out of ennui. Natalie is apparently being held by a very dangerous diamond merchant, so Shaggy and Scooby there go on a stakeout. Ravi snarks that the guy being a diamond merchant makes him a Bond villain. They don’t do well, get caught, and threatened. Afterwards, Ravi goes off on Major, calling him Don Quixote for his quest to save Natalie.

While Major goes off to search for Natalie on his own, and Liv keeps gossiping, the investigation into Cheryl’s death takes a few turns. They find one of the employee’s alibis doesn’t work, and a suspicious text. Liv gets a lead via vision, while Ravi keeps moping. I get it, he’s upset about things with Peyton, but he did a good bit of that damage himself, and he’s not making anything any better. Ravi is usually one of my favorite characters, but at this point I just want him to shut up.

Peyton and Blaine chat about his still forgotten past. It really is an odd situation to be in, not only not remembering who you were, but, after listening to everyone talking, not wanting to know that person. The pair work on dinner, and, when she gets a moment alone with her, Liv questions some of what Peyton’s been doing of late.

Following up on something Liv found, Ravi has been going over some evidence (that, as usual, has nothing to do with his job). Ravi has also developed an interest in one of the suspects. With some good old-fashioned detective work, Clive finds the lead they need to unravel the case. This was a different kind of murder, both in the intent and in how it actually happened. It harkens back to an Agatha Christie classic.

Major finally manages to find Natalie. The reunion doesn’t go at all as he’d hoped. But, while Major is still blaming himself for not being there when Natalie was defrosted, she’s worried for him. Natalie’s situation doesn’t exactly get resolved, but at least there’s some progress. In a fit of misplaced heroism, Major gives her something really important.

Blaine and Peyton are counting down the hours until Ravi’s supposed memory restorer kicks in. They have a very interesting scene together, which really shows how much Blaine has changed. They have the usual great banter, and the writers had a lot of fun taking advantage of Blaine’s unique situation. They get a sort of resolution to some of their issues the next morning.

While Major gets shipped out on his first mission for Fillmore-Graves, Liv gets a lead on her and Clive’s private investigation. They go to a gun range and meet a really nasty man who embodies so many attributes of the bad side of gun nuts. He does go as far as saying that killing a zombie is on his bucket list, and then makes a really interesting point about a legal loophole in Liv and Clive’s case. The man, Harley Johns, also proves to have a tie back to the Max Rager party, which really does seem to be the gift that keeps on giving.

What I liked: I always enjoy the writing on this show. The banter between the characters is really entertaining. It’s a great cast with no bad performances. While I really didn’t like this week’s victim, Liv (Rose McIver) did a great job with the quirks. The murder mystery itself was clever. They made some progress on the side case, and Major finally found Natalie.

What I didn’t: Ravi. Sorry, like I said, I usually really enjoy the character, but this self-pity trip of his is getting old fast.

All in all, another really entertaining episode. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5.