Supergirl: Distant Sun


Family Feud, Daxamite Edition


Supergirl’s life keeps getting complicated in “Distant Sun.” One thing I noticed that I hadn’t caught last episode is that her intro/voiceover is wrong now. She’s not working at CatCo. Either there’s something coming down the pike about that, or the show runners are being lazy. Or both, I suppose.

The episode starts off with Mon-El attempting to do something nice for Kara. Her tendency towards being an early riser kind of screws it up. They get some very sweet couple moments together before she takes off to play crimefighter. Turns out there is an alien on a rampage in the park, using a laser eye-patch to shoot up the place. After a few minutes, Supergirl wins, and quips to J’Onn on coms that there’s an alien cleanup in aisle three.

The President (the returning Lynda Carter) calls J’Onn for an update on the situation with the Daxamites. Their ship has been hanging over National City with no communication, but at least no more hostile actions, either. The President is very insistent about J’Onn and the DEO taking no further actions with the Daxamites.

Alex and Maggie are coming back from yoga, with a lot of banter back and forth. It doesn’t matter who talked who into what, I don’t see either of them doing yoga. They’re both way too tightly wound. They run into Emily, an ex of Maggie’s, and they have a very tense conversation. Eventually, Alex talks them into having dinner together. Me, I’m not sure I’d want to have dinner with my girlfriend and her ex, but whatever Alex is into I guess.

At the DEO, they get a surprise from the gear they’ve captured with the alien. Apparently, there’s a very large bounty out for the death of Supergirl. Mon-El translates the currency as a reward big enough to buy your own planet, which is pretty impressive. Alex is concerned that a series of brawls between Supergirl and various bounty hunters is going to be bad for public safety, and J’Onn agrees. After some banter between Winn and Mon about Mon cooking, Supergirl reluctantly agrees to lay low for 24 hours. On their way out, J’Onn asks Mon to keep an eye on Kara. He agrees, but after he does something first.

Rhea and Lar Gand meet Mon-El at the alien bar (insert name joke here). Rhea is particularly cutting about the place, clearly thinking its beneath them. They’re even less happy to find out he works there. And then things get worse yet when he accuses them of being behind the bounty. There’s a weird bit about Lar and Rhea being worried that they were the last generation of Daxamites. That’s weird on several levels. Even if they can’t have kids at this point, the entire crew can’t either? That seems odd.

That evening, Alex and Maggie get stood up at dinner, which is never fun. Kara, James, and Winn are having game night at her place, and she’s very tense about being cooped up. Mon-El comes in and tells them about his meeting with his parents. Unfortunately, this when the next bounty hunter shows up and he has a nasty trick up his sleeve. He takes control of Mon-El’s body and has him attack Kara. I think the most interesting part of this is that Mon-El takes her out through the window, and it sure looks like he’s flying. He’s never done this before, and no one comments on it later. It’s a major power development that no one notices? They eventually capture the bounty hunter, mostly through Winn being really clever (and Guardian being dumb).

The captured hunter won’t talk, and is very confident about being able to resist them. Then J’Onn shows up, and they have the duel of the glowing eyes. J’Onn wins, learning he was hired by the Daxamites. Unfortunately, their orders from President Marsden mean they can’t do anything about it.

Alex confronts Emily about blowing them off for dinner, and learns things she didn’t know about Maggie. While she ponders this, Kara and Mon are cleaning up Kara’s place after their fight. Mon-El makes a not great analogy about Romeo and Juliette, which he hasn’t finished reading yet. Kara suggests they try and talk to Rhea at the same time Mon suggests they run for it. Naturally, they end up setting up a meeting with mom.

The meeting takes place at Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. I don’t know why anyone thought this was a good idea. Rhea is smug and superior about her planet’s culture, and very cutting about all things Krpytonian. Literally, considering she pulls out a Kryptonite blade when the discussion doesn’t go the way she wants. After an ugly fight that’s not great for the Fortress’ decor, Mon surrenders and agrees to go with Rhea to save Supergirl’s life. Neither Mon nor Kara are happy about this.

Alex has a long talk with Maggie about what she’s learned, and trying to make things better. These scenes are decent, but I kept feeling like they were just taking time away from the main plot. Alex gets back to the DEO just as Kara arrives, not doing too well after Mommy Dearest’s visit. Kara is desperate to get back to the Daxamite ship (apparently whoever was supposed to name it was the same one that was supposed to name the bar), blaming herself for Mon being up there. After a lot of resistance from J’Onn, they come up with a plan.

The family reunion doesn’t go very well. Lar is thrilled to see his son again, but less so when he hears more about what’s been going on. Rhea is just as patient and understanding as she’s been these last two episodes, having Mon confined to a cell for disagreeing with her.

The DEO folks come up with a plan that involves subterfuge and the transporter gate they used back during the Slavers’ Moon adventure. There’s a lot of fighting on the ship, and Mon gets a chance to tell Winn he’s a little short to be a stormtrooper, which delights Winn to no end. Eventually, everyone meets up and Mon tells off his parents, returning to Earth with Kara and company.

Maggie and Emily finally talk and get some closure. J’Onn gets bitched out by the President for not following orders, and we get reminded what her big secret is. Kara and Mon talk about whether or not people can change, and the power of love. Up in orbit, Lar and Rhea talk about Mon’s decision, and they have the kind of argument that couples’ counseling isn’t going to fix. I think the Daxamites aren’t done with our heroes yet.

What I liked: The banter was a bit better then usual this time around, especially between Mon and Winn. Actually, Winn in general did better this episode. I like that Mon is becoming a much better person than he’s been. It was good seeing Lynda Carter again. Kara manages to be very earnest about believing the best in people without being annoying about it. J’Onn got to use his powers effectively, and the rescue mission was well planned.

What I didn’t: I just didn’t care about Maggie’s ex. I don’t know that we needed that scene. Guardian’s only action sequence involved him being pretty stupid. How did no one notice Mon-El flying? The way Lar and Rhea’s argument ended didn’t really make sense when you take their powers into account.

This was a pretty good one. I’ll give it a low 4 out of 5.