Supergirl: Star-Crossed


Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner, Daxamite Version

Last episode, we saw hints of a major bump in the road for Kara and Mon-El. This time, that kicks in to high gear. There’s also trouble in paradise for Winn and Lyra. It’s not a great episode for couples, but then, that’s probably why they called it “Star-Crossed.”

Things start off going fairly well, with the now unemployed Kara watching Game of Thrones with Mon at her place. Again, I really wonder how she’s paying for things like rent and cable. They have a cutesy, new-couple kind of scene which you just know can’t last. Sure enough, it doesn’t. The signal gets interrupted, as an orbiting ship demands the return of Mon-El of Daxam. Release him by dawn or we’ll take him by force, they threaten. The DEO catches the broadcast as well. The ship appears above National City, and J’Onn bellows for Winn, who isn’t there, much to J’Onn’s annoyance.

Winn and Lyra are at the National City Art Gallery. Winn’s technical genius can be used for evil, or at least not good, as Lyra talks him into breaking in with promises of museum sex. I have to admit, she’s good at persuading the boy.

Now at the DEO and in costume, Supergirl decides she’s going to go meet the invading ship. Mon-El wants to go with her, which is a bit odd. I mean, he’s been training with her, I get that. But last I checked, unlike his comic book counterpart, Mon can’t fly. I’m not sure how he was planning on getting up there. Regardless, Supergirl is going to handle this on her own, and takes off. The ship’s shields stand up to her heat vision, and they duel for a few minutes with different weapons. Then, the aliens stick her in some kind of crystal ball. Weirdly, this makes her fall, and everyone is worrying. Like she couldn’t stand up to the impact? At any rate, she breaks it to do a stock superhero landing.

Mon finally tells her to stand down, and that he is going to surrender to the aliens. Just before he gets beamed up, Supergirl speeds to his side, wraps her arms around him, and hitches a ride. She’s in for a shock when she learns that the ship is under the command of Lar Gand and Rhea, King and Queen of Daxam. She’s even more shocked when they reveal that Mon-El is their son. All Hail the Prince of Daxam, indeed. In the comics, Lar Gand is Mon-El’s real name, so that was a nice touch. Lar is played by Kevin Sorbo of Hercules fame, and Rhea is the ever-lovely Terri Hatcher, best known as Lois Lane on the New Adventures of Lois and Clark several incarnations of Superman ago.

Winn’s great mood gets interrupted when Maggie asks him to come see her at work. Apparently, he didn’t disable as much of the museum security as he thought he had. That could be embarassing enough, but it gets much worse. Lyra apparently doesn’t show up on video, and Van Gogh’s Starry Night went missing. Doesn’t look good for Winn, that.

On the Daxamite ship, Mon-El’s family and Kara have a very tense meal. Rhea spends most of it cutting on Kara and Krypton. They found him from the beacon he sent a while back, and traced him to Slavers’ Moon. The family was surprised about Mon-El freeing slaves there. Mon-El argues with his parents about slavery and Daxam’s past. Supergirl and Rhea also argue, and then we see a flashback of how Mon-El escaped from Daxam. It doesn’t make Mon look very good, and it also seriously contradicts what we’ve seen in the past. Bad continuity there, guys.

After storming out, Supergirl and Mon-El talk back at the DEO. They argue about his lying to her. She is adamant that this changes everything, and flies off in a huff. Of course, Kara ran down Daxam every time it came up in conversation before this. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t want to tell her he was the Prince.

Winn pleads his innocence to Maggie at the cop shop. She believes him, but asks about Lyra. This is when James and Alex come in, indignant that she arrested Winn without telling them. Of course, he’s not actually under arrest at the moment, but apparently that doesn’t matter. Finally, a deal gets made where Maggie gives them a day to prove Winn innocent. When they start digging in to the case, they find out both that Lyra’s people can’t be seen on video, and that there’s a string of robberies very similar to what happened to Winn. Kara offers to help, and is very falsely cheerful. Alex agrees Mon-El lied and she’s mad he hurt Kara, but says maybe he’s looking for a fresh start. As if things weren’t complicated enough, this is when Rhea suddenly appears and says she wants to talk to Kara.

Alex, James, and Winn follow up a clue that leads them to Lyra, and a passing reference to Rimbor, home of Ultra Boy in the Legion of Super Heroes. Odd that most of the planets they’ve been mentioning in this show have to do with the Legion. I wonder if they’re building up to something.

Rhea is worried about Daxam’s future. Apparently, the planet wasn’t destroyed like Krypton was, just badly damaged and now is livable again. Rhea and Lar want to gather their people and build a new future, and want Mon-El to be part of it. Again, for a people that are so irresponsible and hedonistic (or so says Kara), these folk seem very responsible. Rhea wants Kara to let Mon-El go, pointing out how unforgiving her people are. From what we’ve seen of Kara of late, especially about Daxamites, I’d have to say Queen Rhea has a point.

Winn goes to Lyra’a place, and it turns out it’s good he brought Alex and Guardian as backup. They have a fight with Lyra’s gang, and then learn why she’s been working with the thieves. Her brother is being held prisoner by a powerful alien crime boss called Mandrax. J’Onn knows of him, a former prisoner from Ft. Rozz. After J’Onn says they’re going to investigate the matter, Winn goes down to the cells and rashly frees Lyra.

While Mon-El tries to patch things up with Kara, and she continues to be snotty to him, Winn and Lyra try to bluff her brother free. Mandrax turns out to be physically powerful, and Winn turns out to be pretty clever. The bad guys get captured, and Maggie is persuaded to let both Winn and Lyra go. Winn and Kara have a chat about Lyra that echoes Kara’s issues with Mon, but Winn isn’t as closed minded and unforgiving as Kara has been.

But Kara still isn’t in a forgiving mood. Mon-El comes by to give a really nice and sweet apology, and she tells him it’s over. I said a while back that they seem to be trying to make Kara a lot less likable this season. If so, they’re doing a good job. Mon, meanwhile, tells his parents he’s staying on Earth with Kara, even if she won’t be with him.

At the DEO, Winn has been fiddling with the breech device Cisco made for Kara during the big crossover. If that seems like a weird thing for him to be doing out of the blue, there’s a reason. The episode ends with the appearance of the Music Meister, kicking off the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover episode. I’ll just say they end the episode on a cliffhanger that will continue over on Flash.

What I liked: For someone that started off so shallow, Mon-El is really maturing nicely. He’s a far cry from the great hero of the same name in the Legion of Super Heroes, but he’s getting closer. I like the plan Winn pulled off to save Lyra. It was good seeing Kevin Sorbo again, and especially Terri Hatcher on a Superman show.

What I didn’t: Mostly Kara. She’s amazingly biased against Daxamites. I don’t like how she’s handling things with Mon-El at all. Also, this is the second crossover Supergirl has been part of where her bit comes just at the very end. It makes the tie seem a bit weaker, or it does to me.

I’ll give this one a 3 out of 5. I hope Kara pulls herself together soon.