Legion: Chapter 6


No pie for you!

Last episode ended with the wrenching transition from the real world to what appears to be a recreation of the Clockworks Institute, with a few differences. Whether this is a mental construct like David and Syd’s “white room” or whether David restructured reality with his immense power isn’t wholly clear (like a lot of this show), but I’m leaning towards the first one. As we’ve learned more about Lennie, although not enough, it becomes more disturbing that she seems to be in charge of this place, whatever it is.

Lennie is running individual sessions with most of the members of the Summerland team. She starts off with Melanie Bird, the doctor who runs Summerland. Lennie does s good job of bringing up some of the more fantastic elements of Melanie’s background, like the oddness with Oliver, her husband, and making it sound like a delusion, or series of them. Lennie does a good job of divide and conquer here, making everyone not believe in their powers anymore. Lennie holds similar sessions with Ptonomy, Cary and Kerry (they go together), Syd, and Walter.

After her session, Syd notices a strange door that doesn’t match the rest of the ones at the Institute. She studies it for a time, and then goes to the common room, meeting up with David and Ptonomy, who are reenacting a scene from the start of the series. As soon as she gets to the common room, Syd gets a very gropey pat down from David’s sister Amy, who seems to be a nurse in this version of the world .David makes a passing comment about not liking dogs, which is interesting giving his apparent creation of a puppy as a childhood friend. When the conversation starts turning serious, Lennie pops up from nowhere, taking David for his session, and staring at Syd as she does. The upshot of David’s session is that he’s happy at Clockworks, or this one, anyway.

Lunch continues the odd blend of eras, as David gets his much craved pie for dessert from what looks like an automat, which stopped being used anywhere years, if not decades, ago. Amy randomly takes his pie away, and tells Syd she can’t give hers to him, either. Things shift into super-surreal mode when Syd tries to eat her pie. First she sees bugs in it, and swats it to the floor. Then, music swells as Lennie’s smirking face is in the pie. And then there’s a dance number (the second one of the series) featuring a not quite as dressed Lennie dancing through what look like flashes of David’s memories. She ends up watching Syd sleep and blowing her a kiss.

Syd’s sleep is interrupted when David sneaks in, snuggling with her while they keep a pillow between them, also a we’ve seen before. Syd even comments that she’s having a slightly different version of deja vu. They debate whether or not this is a good place for them to stay

Things continue to be weird as Cary and Kerry play checkers while chanting drug names at each other, and Syd asks about the disappearing door. Cary offers various theories, none of which are terribly helpful. Both Cary and Syd talk about dreams that reflect things we’ve seen back in the “real” world, if any of this show is real. I think that’s open to debate at this point. Cary and Kerry walk back to their rooms, being stalked by Walter. After lying down, Cary gets visited by our friendly neighborhood deep sea diver. As that visitation continues, Cary is shifting more towards his “real” self, both wearing his suit and with the facial bruising he had before this side trip started.

Syd and David are enjoying some quiet together time, with him painting and her reading. She wonders if the hospital is real, which leads to them realizing they have very different versions of why Syd’s in the hospital in the first place. Sloppy memory editing, there. Syd leaves, has an odd (although that’s redundant by now) walk down the hall and then runs into Lennie, who puts her to bed in unique fashion.

Things are not smooth for everyone else, either. Ptonomy keeps flashing back to his mother’s death. Kerry starts awake, goes next door, can’t find Cary, and then flees from Walter, who keeps following her. David is wandering the halls, and finds Syd’s mystery door. He’s about to investigate when Amy pops up again and drives him off with some very cruel comments.

Melanie gets a visitation from the diver as well, and follows him down strange back hallways that eventually lead her to the scene of David and Syd about to be gunned down in the pre-hospital reality. Melanie tries to change some things there, and then gets stunned by some large eyes suddenly appearing in the wall.

David ends up in Lennie’s office and has a disjointed conversation with her. First she dismissed his concerns about Syd, and then she waxes philosophical. Lennie fixes on power as being the only thing that matters, and that Walter understands this. They cut to Walter continuing to chase Kerry through the halls, and then Lennie starts getting nasty with David. It ends with David spinning away in darkness, trapped in a frame, looking a lot like the Phantom Zone effect from Superman II. The show ends with Syd being visited by the diver, and we see things have changed with him.

What I liked: They did a great job of blending the two realities. The echoes of each other were nicely done. I may be making something out of just some random line, but I’m really interested in David’s line about not liking dogs. I think I know what happened with the diver change-up, and, if I’m right, it was really clever.

What I didn’t: I get this is a different kind of a show, but they almost seem to be trying a bit too hard to be weird, like with Lennie’s dance number. They are running out of episodes and don’t seem close to resolving much or concluding much of their story.

I’ll give this one a 3 out of 5. It was interesting viewing, in a few senses of the word.