Legion: Chapter 4


That sign has some good advice for David


Legion: Chapter 4 opens strangely, but that’s pretty much redundant with this series. This time, they open with what seems like a rehearsal for some 60’s themed tv show. The man who seems to be playing host seems to practicing his lines as he sets the stage for this week’s oddness, which gets even stranger when we see he seems to inside an iceberg.

Syd is narrating the next scene, talking about their search for the truth about what’s going on with David. She circles back to the question we’ve heard that David seems to be going out of his way to avoid answering: What did the stars say? In the real world, or as real as they get in this case, Cary can’t figure out why David is still unconscious after the last memory work session. Ptonomy is sure David isn’t in his memories. Dr. Bird theorizes that David is in the Astral Plane, and worries that David has managed to make some kind of guardian in his memories. Bird also says that they need to know what happened before David went to Clockworks, and sends Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry (the female one) out to find answers.

They get to Dr. Poole’s office, where David’s therapy sessions took place before Clockworks. Syd and Ptomony talk about the strange ways David’s powers seem to work. Ptomony demonstrates another aspect of his powers, psychometry, the ability to read objects’ history. They see a possible version of what happened when David broke into the doctor’s office. Syd theorizes that David didn’t come to steal drugs, but the doctor’s records.

Amy isn’t doing well in captivity. She’s in a very oddly designed cell with a sloping floor that leads up to a bench. After she gets fed and has some strange reactions to the food, she hears someone in the next cell. Apparently it’s Dr. Kissinger, the missing therapist from Clockworks. They discuss David, his history, and his powers. There’s also an interesting revelation about some of David’s childhood memories.

The away team goes in search of Philly, David’s ex. We also hear a bit more about the strange Cary/Kerry situation. While this is going on, Dr. Bird wanders the rooms of Summerland and then sees the ghostly form of a deep sea diver. This gets her very excited and she talks with Cary the scientist, wondering if “he” is waking up. The diver is Oliver, her until-now unseen husband.

David hears an alarm that is going off where Bird is, and ends up following the same diver Dr. Bird saw earlier. At the top of a strange ladder, he finds the iceberg we saw before. In it is the man from earlier, who proves to be Oliver the diver. They have a long rambling conversation, and Oliver confirms they are in the Astral Plane. As he puts it, David went too far into make believe and got lost. There’s talk about a monster and some strange shape in the walls of Oliver’s retreat. Oliver seems content to stay here, but David won’t give up and leaves.

Philly the ex is the first part of Syd and company’s mission. Ptomony and Syd pretend to be married and looking for a house, since Philly is now working as a realtor. Syd keeps her distracted while Ptomony uses his powers to look for clues. Ptomony finds some kind of weird glitch in the memories, and gets a lead on Poole, the therapist. As they leave, Syd has a quick conversation with Philly, and we learn yet another contradictory fact about David’s past. She also gives them a cryptic warning.

The group goes to Poole’s current home, which oddly enough seems to be a lighthouse. Just another bit of surreality for the show. As a bored Kerry wanders through the place, checking it out, the others talk about David. Or they start to before it’s revealed as a trap and “Poole” proves to be Walter, the Division 3 agent with a fondness for green. Division 3 agents rush in and there’s gunfire everywhere. Weirdly, Walter doesn’t seem to come close to being hit or being worried about it. Even the fight scene doesn’t flow normally. Kerry fights the agents, and Cary back at Summerland matches her movements. Walter manages to not get shot and touches Ptomony, making him fall to the floor. Kerry, for all her eagerness to fight, gets captured. Wolverine she isn’t. In desperation, Syd uses her own power and body-swaps with Walter. As Kerry gets beaten, Cary feels it on his end.

David has another disjointed chat with Lennie as the scenery changes around them. She definitely is nowhere near as impressed with Summerland as David is. David’s teleportation kicks in as he regains consciousness, and he goes after the truck that has his friends. After some confusion with the Walter/Syd situation, they both get restored to the right places and bodies. It does show that Syd’s power involves a physical exchange when it wears off. There’s some chaos and potential tragedy at the very end, and eventually the group is joined by a spectral version of Lennie as the show wraps up.

What I liked: The revelations about David’s past are interesting and make me wonder what’s going in his head (aside from most of the show taking place up there). The Cary/Kerry thing is odd but fits in the general makeup of the world. Ptomony and Syd made a good team going after Philly, and would have done ok if that had actually been Poole. I’m curious why Division 3 grabbed Dr. Kissinger and didn’t just kill him. Oliver in his hideaway in the astral plane is amusing.

What I didn’t: I feel like there was a lot of buildup for Kerry and her big fight scene didn’t live up to it. I really don’t understand how Walter’s power or powers are working. It feels like they aren’t making a lot of progress in figuring out what’s going on with either David or Division 3.

The mystery and quality of writing is keeping me coming back on this one. I’ll give this a 3 out of 5. I’m hoping we finally learn more about Lennie soon.