A few words about Fox’s Lucifer


The Devil and a demon walk into a bar…

One of the few comic book-based shows I don’t review is Lucifer. I tend to only read superhero comics, so I’ve not read most of what it’s based on, and I only have so much time. But, I do watch the show, and I think it’s fantastic, so I thought I’d give it a few words here while it’s on winter/mid-season break. 

If you don’t know, the premise of the show is that Lucifer Morningstar, the Devil himself, decided he had enough of Hell and left, settling in Los Angeles. He owns a nightclub called Lux and, as the show starts, meets a police detective called Chloe Decker. It becomes another in the sub-genre of crime shows that feature a by the book cop and a really odd special consultant, like Castle or The Mentalist. Lucifer is charming in his utter self-centeredness. The cast also includes Chloe’s ex and fellow cop Dan Espinoza, Lucifer’s right hand demon Mazikeen, entertaining therapist Linda Martin, and Lucifer’s angelic brother Amenadiel. In the second season, they add Lucifer’s mother, shoved in the body of mortal lawyer Charlotte Richards, and crime scene tech Ella Lopez.

Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer, makes the show. He’s hugely fun to watch. He always tells the truth about who and what he is, and, understandably, no one believes him, especially in Los Angeles. Ella, the crime scene tech, for example, is convinced he’s another method actor. Therapist Linda Martin believes he’s speaking in complex metaphors. The cast is good, there’s not one I think is weak or turns in bad performances. But Ellis steals every scene he’s in and absolutely makes the show. He plays piano occasionally at his club, which brings up another great element on the show. They do new versions of a lot of songs, and manage to make them both non-obtrusive but fit in perfectly.

It’s a fantastic show that, if I had more time, I’d absolutely review. It’s based on DC’s Vertigo imprint title Lucifer, created by brilliant writer Neil Gaiman, and that man is a master at writing and character creation. With the show on hiatus, it’s a great time catch up. All of season one is out there, and I’m sure you can find a way to catch season two up to this halfway point. If you have a good sense of humor, don’t mind Lucifer being an actual likeable character, and enjoy a show that manages to be part of the crime, comedy, drama, and supernatural genres all at once, I really strongly recommend the show. Go check it out.