Flash: Killer Frost

Killer Frost

Co-worker disputes can get really nasty…

This week’s Flash starts exactly where last week’s stopped. They even skip the voice over. Flash is pinned to a wall by Savitar, Wally’s in some kind of cocoon, and Joe has been grabbed by cultists of Dr. Alchemy’s. Alchemy himself takes advantage of the confusion to grab his stone and slip away. Joe gets free, but apparently can’t see Savitar. Savitar yanks Barry outside, and proceeds to beat on him. Savitar drags Flash all over the city, moving so fast the trackers in Flash’s suit can’t keep up.

Iris is worried, and turns to the STAR crew for help. She persuades Cisco and Caitlin to rescue Flash. Cisco uses his powers to make a breech that leads them right to where Savitar has stopped to beat on Barry some more, and Caitlin freezes him in place. They can’t see Savitar either, so Caitlin aims off Barry’s direction. For whatever reason, while all this goes on, Savitar stands there. After he gets frozen, he breaks free, but runs off.

The heroes regroup back at STAR. Caitlin checks on Barry and Cisco, then Wally, or at least his cocoon. Barry thanks her for saving his life, and she points out he’s saved her several times. But all is not well; her eyes flash Killer Frost silver as she walks out of the room. She’s not sure what to do about Wally, but says opening his cocoon early could be bad for him. They compare notes: they know Alchemy is just a lackey now, and that Savitar is a big problem. HR wonders why only Barry can see him, and says that Savitar is the Hindu god of speed, which he knows from crosswords. They compare Wally’s cocoon to Barry being in a coma after getting his powers. A very frustrated Joe storms off, saying he has to do something. Iris reassures Barry this isn’t his fault, but Barry insists it is. Dark and broody really doesn’t work for Barry. That’s more Oliver’s thing.

Joe goes to CCPD and tries to interrogate one of Alchemy’s cultists they captured. He doesn’t really get anything useful and crosses the line from interrogation to beating when he gets interrupted. Caitlin is at the door, and tells him that Wally’s recovered and he should go see. Joe does, and Caitlin does her own interrogation, aided by her powers. The cultists recognizes her as Killer Frost, which doesn’t make her any happier. She finally gets what she wants and almost gets away, but Julian the Annoying sees her, and she takes him prisoner.

There’s a lot of confusion at STAR when Joe gets there with his story. Wally is not out of the cocoon, and they realize something’s wrong. Barry races to CCPD, and talks with Detective Patterson (Greg Grunberg, best known as Matt Parkman on Heroes). Barry recognizes Caitlin on the surveillance video, but pretends he doesn’t. At some unknown location, Caitlin makes Julian search on the term Savitar to see who else is looking for him. She’s really not herself at this point.

Back at STAR, HR finally proves useful. He points out they had a way to track Captain Cold before, and they use the same trick. Apparently, Caitlin is hiding in a frozen food warehouse (is that a thing?). There, Julian has found two addresses for Caitlin, and they both wonder what she’s going to do next. He gets off a text to the cops while she’s distracted, and Patterson gets a SWAT team rolling. Flash arrives at the warehouse and knocks out Julian (thank god). Caitlin rants about wanting to find Alchemy to lose her powers. She also tells Cisco, who’s listening in, that his brother Dante was alive before Flashpoint. When the cops show up, Flash whisks her away, and is repaid for his kindness by her stabbing him in the leg.

Back at STAR, Iris patches up Barry. Cisco is understandably furious about what he’s learned. HR and Joe talk about Barry. They decide to split up and cover the places Caitlin had found, because Cisco somehow recovered the data from the computer that Caitlin blasted. Cisco goes to one, while Joe and HR go to the other.

Iris and Barry pick up Caitlin’s heat signature, or lack of same, at the address Cisco is covering. Flash super-limps there as Caitlin tries to get more information on Alchemy and Savitar from the guy inside. She ends up fighting Cisco, living up to the Vibe vs. Killer Frost vision he had last week. Flash gets there and Frost blasts him before he manages to knock her down. She cold-kisses Flash, turning him blue, and Vibe blasts her off him.

Caitlin rants from inside her cell in the Pipeline, and she’s not happy with Barry, or much of anything else. While Barry tries to figure out what to do next and Cisco mopes, Joe decides direct, ill-informed action is called for. He gets HR to help him cut Wally out of the cocoon. Remember that bit Caitlin said about that being bad? It was. Wally is blurring with speed, looking dazed, before taking off.

Barry realizes they really need Caitlin’s help, so he goes down to the Pipeline and takes a big chance. HR earlier commented that Barry’s real power was hope, and he uses that a lot here. He does manage to snap Caitlin out of the Killer Frost persona. Why her personality changes that much while using her powers, I’m not really sure. Working together, the team manages to figure out where Wally is and first subdue, then cure him. He tests his new powers in the speed lab and is very excited to hit the streets with Barry, which no one thinks is a good idea yet.

Barry and Cisco have a not real encouraging talk. Caitlin’s rant did a lot of damage here. Things get worse when Barry goes to the hospital to visit Julian. Julian shows himself to be a major-league hypocrite. He’ll make a deal with Barry to shield Caitlin from the police… if Barry quits the CSI lab because he’s not serving the cause of justice. And Julian is by lying about Caitlin?

Barry has a sad scene of packing in the lab. Joe and Iris come by to console him, and he walks out alone, with lightning in the background like the night he got his powers. Then there’s a wrap up scene which is a big reveal I hoped I was wrong about that I think is cheap. We’ll see where that goes after next week’s team up.

What I liked: Barry makes his mistakes, but we see how much he cares about his friends. Caitlin is a really good person who risks a lot to help Barry in turn. Even in the depths of rage and grief, Cisco saves Barry. HR is finally useful. I’m intrigued at Savitar only being seen by Barry. Wally has his powers finally.

What I didn’t: I still don’t get why Caitlin’s powers make her go bad. It’s not happening to Barry, Cisco, or a lot of other metas. Julian is a major hypocrite for his deal. Joe was dumb about the cocoon.
In my opinion, this is still the best of the hero shows with the arguable exception of the Netflix series. I’ll give this one a 3.5 out of 5. I wonder what Barry’s new job is going to be.