Jessica Jones Episode 9: Sin Bin


Let… me…. out

Continuing my efforts to catch up on the Netflix series.

Jessica Jones’ ninth episode is “AKA Sin Bin.” It starts off well for the good guys, but you know that won’t last. The way things go wrong is an interesting study in itself, but that’s getting ahead of things.

At the end of last episode, Jessica managed to capture Kilgrave. Not an easy thing to do, and he did leave behind a nasty surprise for Sgt. Simpson and his men. This is not going to be a show about clear cut victories, but then, that’s been fairly apparent since we started.

Kilgrave wakes up in the special room Jessica and Simpson set up together. He’s isolated and the room only has sound when it’s turned on, so Jessica doesn’t have to listen to Kilgrave rant. As an extra safety feature, there are a few inches of water on the floor hooked up to a handy electrical current, thus creating more or less wall-to-wall taser. It’s a clever idea. Kilgrave, naturally enough, isn’t happy with the new arrangement. He and Jessica trade insults for a while.

Simpson survived Kilgrave’s counter-assassination attempt, but has been wounded. Trish is worried and wants to get him help, but Simpson will only go see one doctor- a man named Kozlov who has ties to Simpson’s Special Operation days. This subplot will eventually show that Simpson is based on a minor Daredevil villain from the comics who goes by Nuke.

Jeri joins Jessica in her special Kilgrave cell, and, to no one’s surprise, this makes nothing better. Jeri is hung up on the legalities of what Jessica is doing, or rather the lack of them. Now she grows a conscience? The information Jessica has been able to get from the flash-drive that was once in Reva’s possession tells a lot about how Kilgrave ended up like he is, both physically and morally. I think Kilgrave has a soulmate in Jeri, who stays behind when Jessica leaves on an errand.

Jessica listens to Jeri’s questionable advice that getting a cop involved will somehow make this more legal. I’m not sure what she’s thinking here- a retroactive arrest? Jessica manages to find Detective Clemons, who is more than ready to walk away from her. Clemons has had nothing but bad luck and inexplicable events whenever he’s been anywhere near Jessica, so I really don’t blame him for his reaction. They argue a lot before Clemons reluctantly agrees to help.

Jessica, now with Trish helping her, tries to get Kilgrave to demonstrate his powers on camera. Kilgrave is a very clever man, and refuses to play along. He almost manages to get Jessica to lose control with his taunts. Trish makes a somewhat drastic suggestion, given her moral stance on most of what’s been going on so far. Jessica could just walk away, but she’s still desperate to get Hope cleared and released from jail. She’s the noir detective that won’t give up on her client, and she’s determined to see justice done, caring less and less how she gets there as she goes.

Trish and Jessica get stuck for a while, before Jessica gets a lead through persistence and dedication. While she runs that down, Jeri and Pam argue about the way Jeri’s divorce is going. Jeri really is getting a lot of pressure from all sides, but then, she put herself in this mess in the first place.

Jessica’s search for Kilgrave’s parents meets with some success before she’s called by Hope. Hope is ready to take the deal that Jeri managed to get and just be done with things. Jessica calls her to bring her up to speed on what’s going on. Of course, this has Jessica confessing to multiple felonies during a jail call using a phone that’s more than likely recorded, but the writers seem to have missed that detail. Hope finally agrees to keep fighting.

Malcolm’s support group is doing more than helping Kilgrave’s victims. Jessica actually makes a connection there that helps her find Kilgrave’s parents. The truth behind what they did, and why, is a lot different from the tale of abuse Kilgrave has been spinning.

Things are spinning out of control back at the mini-super-prison. Jeri’s questionable resolve is weakening, and she’s clearly about to do something she really shouldn’t. Trish is there but spends a lot of her time talking on the phone with Simpson about his background and their differences.

Jessica has a decent plan set up to try and get Kilgrave to admit what he did to Hope. She gets a lot of pieces together, including Jeri, Trish, Detective Clemons, and Kilgrave’s parents. The plan’s failure comes as no surprise, since there are several episodes left in the season. How it fails, and why, was a surprise that has a lot of nasty consequences. All of this ends in a really ugly showdown and a betrayal. Not everyone survives the episode. But amidst the tragedy, Jessica has a revelation that makes her smile, and it’s one of the few times she’s looked happy during the run of the show. There’s going to be a lot of chaos to clean up next episode, but at least now Jessica has an idea how to move forward, finally.

What I liked: Very nearly everything. This series has continued to impress me. The writing, acting, and staging have all been really well done. Jessica had a great plan, and its failure wasn’t her fault. Trish’s unwavering loyalty is something Jessica needs, whether or not she’ll admit it. It was good to get a look at more of Simpson’s background.

What I didn’t:    It’s a little coincidental that one of the cops Kilgrave screwed with has all these Special Forces connections. I also don’t know why Jessica felt the need to go to Clemons, instead of Simpson, when she wanted to try and legitimize her operation. I know Simpson wants to kill Kilgrave, but Clemons wasn’t really involved in most of this until now. I felt the error about Jessica and Hope’s conversation at the jail was glaring. I’m truly growing to loathe Jeri.

I’ll give this one a 4 out of 5. A lot happened and they covered it well. Jessica’s quest to thwart Kilgrave will have to continue.