Titans 1



With the introductory special out of the way, the new Titans book has begun for real. At Dick’s loft in Gotham, the team is getting used to the return of their forgotten friend, Wally West. Lilith tries to help him piece together some of his missing memories, but some of them are proving hard to reach, which likely isn’t good. Despite the fact that Dick is one of the best detectives on the planet, it’s Garth that comes up with an idea for their next lead.

As the team tries to pursue that, the story turns to Linda Park. Before Flashpoint and all the upheavals since then, Linda was Wally’s wife and the mother of his kids, who I guess don’t exist in the altered time line. Her memories of Wally aren’t doing as well as his team, but her reporter’s instincts have her digging in to the story. It’s nice to see she’s not just waiting around for something to happen after her bizarre encounter with a man she doesn’t remember claiming to be her significant other.

When the team reunites, they have another clue to chase down. I’m guessing Wally doesn’t remember all of his past life, or he’d know what the new name they found meant. I think it’s going to be a gradual reunion of one of the teams the Titans fought many times before the reboot. As they get ready, Lilith gets a premonition that something bad has happened from her poking around in Wally’s memories. The last few pages show us how right that is. It looks ugly for Wally and friends.

Plot: Instead of just accepting Wally’s back and they remember him now, the team digging in to what happened to him makes a lot of sense. I like how they’re going about it. I’ll go 3 out of 5 for plot.

Art: I really liked the interior art. The characters and scenes were smooth and clean, the fight scene went well, and the team looked good. The reveal near the end was spooky, as it was meant to be. But the cover was weird. Wally in color and the rest of the team grey-toned made it hard to see who was who for a few of them. What I guess must’ve been Donna looked a lot more like Flamebird to me. Several costume details didn’t match the interior art. I’ll say a low-end 3 out of 5 for art, only because of the cover lowering the number for me.

Positives: I love that the team is back together. I miss the ones they can’t make fit anymore (Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Changeling) but their stories have taken them too far from this group since the reboot. I like that Roy is open about his past, pitfalls and all. The small casual touches, like them eating together and sharing food, was a nice subtle touch about their friendship. And I like that Linda is being proactive. The surprise at the end could be really nasty for the heroes.

Negatives: I didn’t like the cover, or a few costume details. Every artist seems to want to put their own spin on costumes, this one likes random straps on the forearms. Both Dick and Roy have then, and they don’t serve any good purpose. I’m not sure if Garth has them or not. I’d also like to see some account of why several of the characters from the recent Titans Hunt (Gnark, Mal, Karen, Hawk, Dove) are not only not here, but not even being mentioned.

I thought it was a good start. I hope that after the first arc, it feels more like the Titans and less like Wally West and friends. But for now the team is back, and I’m thrilled to see Titans Together.

Titans #1

Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Carlos M Mangual
Cover: Booth, Rapmund, and Dalhouse