Titans Annual 1

Titans Annual 1 Writer: Dan Abnett Artist: Minkyu Jung Colorist: Adriano Lucas Letterer: Carlos M Mangual Cover: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, and Andrew Dalhouse Someone is abducting heroes, and many of the members of both the Titans and their mentors in the Justice League find themselves in a strange maze. Tempest, Aquaman, Donna, Wonder Woman,…


Titans 1

With the introductory special out of the way, the new Titans book has begun for real. At Dick’s loft in Gotham, the team is getting used to the return of their forgotten friend, Wally West. Lilith tries to help him piece together some of his missing memories, but some of them are proving hard to reach, which likely isn’t good. Despite the fact that Dick is one of the best detectives on the planet, it’s Garth that comes up with an idea for their next lead.