Flash: Rupture


Family issues for Vibe…

The STAR crew is trying desperately to cover for Barry losing his powers in “Rupture.” Cisco has come up with a pretty clever toy to let the Flash seem like he’s back in action throughout the city. It’s a little rough on Barry, but since he already feels so guilty about giving up his powers, he’s not complaining. Wells is his usual cheerful and supportive self, dismissing their efforts as “Hoodlums and Holograms,” and trying to convince everyone to try his plan- recreating the accident that gave Barry his powers in the first place.

Barry goes for a drive out in the woods and finds the rustic cabin his father has been living in. How exactly Henry can afford this after so many years in prison, I have no idea, but it’s a nice looking place. Barry catches Henry up on all the recent big events, including Barry’s loss of speed, Jay being Zoom, and Caitlin’s abduction among other things. They have a good long talk, and Henry is concerned about Barry’s attempts to get his powers back.

At STAR, Cisco and Jessie are staring at a monitor, debating Wells’ plan for Barry. Cisco and Wells get into yet another argument, which ends when Cisco gets a vibe about his brother and leaves, just missing Barry and Henry coming back. Most of them are happy to see Henry, Wells seeming to be the exception.

Joe and Wally have a chat while Joe’s at work at CCPD. Wally really wants to help people, inspired by Flash’s heroism. I really wonder if they’re building up to something with Wally here. The discussion ends when Zoom shows up and orders all the cops out of the building. Caitlin, dragged along, begs Zoom to let the cops live, and he grudgingly does, after claiming Central City as his.

Joe retreats to STAR to fill in the team about Zoom’s return. Wells tells them this is how it started with Zoom on his Earth, and it’s just going to get worse. Wells uses this as another opportunity to push his opinion that Barry needs his powers back. Henry just looks worried.

Zoom gloats over Caitlin that no one can stop him now. I’d really love for Supergirl to return Barry’s visit about now… Anyway, he’s convinced that not only is he unstoppable, but that Caitlin will come around and start liking him. He’s convinced there is darkness in her, just like there was in Killer Frost. Caitlin, of course, denies it.

Cisco meets up with his brother, Dante, who is just as much a dick as he was last time. Dante hasn’t been answering Cisco’s calls, apparently a bit traumatized by his abduction at the hands of Captain Cold and his group. It’s not exactly a warm reunion.

Joe stashes Wally and Jessie in Wells’ time vault at STAR, which neither of them are happy about. Then the great debate rages on about Barry’s powers, mostly between Wells and Henry. Barry eventually chimes in that, while they all care, it’s his decision, before he leaves to go mope some more.

Cisco’s night gets even worse. As he tries to get away from his annoying brother, his brother’s even more annoying Earth 2 doppleganger pops up. Going by the name Rupture, he works for Zoom and is trying to kill Cisco as payback for Reverb’s death over on Earth 2. I guess Rupture didn’t get the memo that Zoom is the one that killed him. Just to make things even more complicated, Rupture loses his mask during the fight, so Dante sees the maniac trying to kill them is.. Dante. Cisco, you got some ‘splaining to do.

Iris picks this rather bizarre moment to tell Barry she’s been thinking about the two of them as a couple lately. She’s now seen two alternate versions of them married, so she now is starting to think it’s a good idea. That seems like a really weird way to judge a relationship to me, but what do I know?

Barry decides he will only risk the accident again if Wells is positive he can contain it. Wells, being realistic, isn’t, so Barry doesn’t want to try it. While Caitlin manages to get a cell phone out of an evidence box and warn her friends what Zoom is up to, Jessie and Wally keep trying to find a way out of the time vault. Wally is the main force behind this, but Jessie starts looking on it as a challenge.

Cisco and Dante have a brother bonding moment after Dante finds Cisco’s “in case I get killed” letter he wrote before the trip to Earth 2. Barry and Joe set a trap for Rupture at Jitters, because I guess that’s one of only five or so places in the city where anything happens. The trap actually works well, with some close coordination between the STAR crew and the CCPD. Then, somehow or other, a reporter knew when to show up and broke the story of Rupture’s capture, which, of course, Zoom saw on tv and flipped out about. Zoom goes to Jitters, kills a bunch of cops (but none of the ones we know the name of), kills Rupture, and then tells everyone that the Flash they’ve been seeing the last few weeks is a fake. If Zoom is trying to cause so many problems for Barry, why hasn’t he just blown his secret ID?

Somehow, all this convinces Barry he does need his speed back. They cobble together some devices, including Cisco’s Weather Wand. Cisco even gets in both a Harry Potter joke and a Back to the Future line. Then, in a climax of chaos, the ‘accident’ happens again. It doesn’t go as planned, and Wally and Jessie get out of their room just in time to get hit with the energies unleashed. Interesting choices, as both Wally and Jessie are speedsters in the comics, and Jessie was shot up with the Velocity 9 in “Trajectory.” It all comes together to end on a cliffhanger with several characters’ fates undetermined.

What I liked: If this finally gets Wally and Jessie their powers, I approve. It was good to see Henry again, and I liked how his concern was always for Barry. Wells stayed true to his obsessive self. Cisco’s decoy Flash was great.

What I didn’t: I could have done without seeing Dante again. Iris’ timing as far as her feelings for Barry is horrible, like the poor boy doesn’t have enough on his mind right now. The reporter at Jitters seemed like a bit of deus ex machina, at least getting in at just the worst possible moment..

I’ll give this one a low 3 out of 5. Flash is usually better than this, ane while this episode had its moments, it had some stupid, too. Hopefully they’ll be back on track next week.


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