Agents of SHIELD: The Team


Are we finally going to get to do something?

With the majority of the team captured, Daisy makes a decision to try a new approach. She calls in the two Inhumans she’s managed to recruit so far, interrupting Joey on a date and Yo Yo as she studies a language tape. She briefs them as best she can, but there’s a lot of “I don’t know” in the attempt. This isn’t exactly reassuring for anyone.

Within the Hydra base, Malik, Ward, and Giyera are comparing notes. Giyera felt the need to get off the Zephyr, although I’m not sure why. He seemed to be doing a fine job of kicking everyone’s asses. The rest of the team barricades themselves in a locked room and starts desperately improvising weapons.

While the main team is forting up, help is on the way. The Inhumans make entry to the base via Daisy’s powers. The fight shows the various Inhumans’ powers, although one is new. I don’t remember Lincoln’s electric abilities being used like telekinesis before. After a few twists and turns (including what almost seemed like a weird knock knock joke), the agents win free and take off. Ward, or ex-Ward, seems unconcerned, remarking, “Now I have one on the inside.”

In the desperate fight, Joey killed Lucio, the South American Inhuman with paralyzing powers. He’s clearly not happy about that, especially not as part of his first field mission. Yo Yo is getting a tour of the base from Mac, and there seems to be a good bit of flirting going on.

Coulson interviews Malik, who at first is hung up on telling stories about his daughter, Stephanie. Finally, Malik tells Coulson that Ward, who has picked up the name Hive, killed her. Malik also warns Coulson that Hive can “sway” Inhumans, placing them under his control.

In their lab, Fitz and Simmons are studying Lucio’s body. While he seems to be dead, there is some conflicting evidence. His body temperature isn’t dropping, for one thing. There’s also evidence of activity in the body. Eventually, Simmons finds some evidence that appears to back up Malik’s claim about the mind control.

With the possibility of mind control, a wave of paranoia sweeps the unit. Coulson, being the boss, has to make some hard calls, and no one is happy with how things happen. Joey and Yo Yo just came back to SHIELD to help them out, and now they’re being accused of being traitors without even knowing about it, along with Lincoln and Daisy. There are a lot of bad feelings and suspicion.

Malik and Coulson have a very wide-ranging conversation and end up talking about theology, among other subjects. Malik keeps calling the Hive/Ward thing a god. Coulson, ever unimpressed, answers that he’s met gods, and they bleed.

Things get worse when the base suffers a power failure. In the chaos, the armory gets hit, and some nasty tech goes missing. It turns up soon enough- someone uses it to kill Malik. After that, the Inhumans end up in quarantine, feeling very betrayed. Daisy’s team hasn’t been able to catch a break since they first pitched the idea. I wonder if they’re worried that the Secret Warriors would end up being more popular than SHIELD?

Fitz and Simmons get some decent screen time this episode. Between their work on the Hive problem and feeling out their relationship, they get some nice scenes. Fitz is still convinced they are cursed, and wonders if they’ll manage to find something in space that’s not trying to kill or infect them. Simmons uses a great technique to make him shut up.

Eventually, the traitor, well, really more like victim, is revealed. The mind-controlled agent manages to escape and do some serious damage to the base, as well as some damage to the team. I was surprised at who it turned out to be, and this is going to have some ugly consequences. One of the main characters gets hurt in the escape, and it’s a bad cliffhanger to end on.

What I liked: The Inhumans worked together great for the few minutes they were allowed to. The various reactions to the mind control were very in character. The relationship between the various characters got some more attention than they usually do, and I think it was handled well.

What I didn’t: I’m not sure where Lincoln’s weird ability to use his powers like a form of TK came from. It makes no sense to me. I don’t like that Daisy’s team got shut down almost as soon as they started. Hive was already powerful enough, I don’t know that they needed to give him “subvert superhumans” as a power, too.

This episode had a lot of tension in it that was good enough to keep me guessing until the end. I’ll give it a 3.5 out of 5.


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