iZombie: Reflections of How Liv Used To Be


Blaine is going to regret asking Ravi that…

Liv and the rest of the iZombie cast are building up a lot of momentum as they get closer and closer to the season finale. Thankfully, all the CW shows that I watch have already gotten renewal announcements, this one included. That’s good because there are a lot of balls in the air and I don’t see how they could possibly wrap all this up in just a few episodes.

The murder of the week ends being on the same college campus where Liv was running around on frat boy brains. In fact, she runs across the guy who was in charge of those parties as a main suspect. What’s almost more unbelievable than z upombies being real is that this frat boy is running for president of the student council. That seems like more effort and commitment than he’s capable of. His rival is murdered and things get interesting for our merry band of crime solvers.

Major wakes up on the couch after Ravi tranqed him last episode. I’m still not quite sure how Ravi knew Major was going into “Full-on Zombie Mode” when Major was facing away from him, but they have a long talk about Major, the Chaos Killer, MaxRager, and Liv being under threat. Ravi ends up making Major a brain smoothie and telling him about the issues Blaine is having.

Speaking of, Blaine is a harmless, clueless version of himself. He looks very lost at his funeral home business. Don E is trying to keep things running, but he really doesn’t have the, well, brains for it. This is going to go spectacularly badly soon. I suspect Don E and Chief will end up being dealt with by Mr. Boss. I’m still not clear if Boss knows about zombies, but I don’t think he does. Won’t that get interesting?

Liv drops in to see Mr. Boss, who is out of the office. Liv makes a lot of demands and accusations, worried about Drake, even more so now that she knows what his job actually is. One of Boss’ thugs tries to deal with her, but he clearly doesn’t know about zombies, or at least that Liv is one. She handles him easily, to a receptionist’s great surprise.

Ravi and Liv finally cross paths and share information. He tells her about Major being a zombie again. Liv in turn reveals that Drake is an undercover cop. Both are surprised. Major then wanders through, now on the brains of the extremely positive woman from the coffee shop murder, which is really entertaining. The amusement is cut short when Liv and Ravi get brought in by Clive on the college murder case.

The college case meanders through various revelations including an SAT scandal and drug dealing on campus. That, in turn, brings Clive and Liv into contact with Benedetto, a vice detective with some questionable methods. There are a few too many leads for this case, actually. It gets even more interesting for Liv when she learns the campus dealers are pushing Utopium, the drug that’s part of the zombie transformation process.

Even Vaughan du Clark, head of MaxRager, is having problems this episode. Gilda has definitely turned, and he isn’t happy about it. Of course, he’s also still focused on the SuperMax launch, so he just has her locked up in the basement lab. Needless to say, she’s not happy about this either.

Things are getting weirder and weirder at Blaine’s place. Peyton comes by to yell at him for not following through on his testimony. She doesn’t believe he’s really lost his memory. Downstairs, Don E and Chief are showing the own quirk of the week from the brain they shared. Even with no memory, Blaine is getting suspicious of what they are up to.

Clive has gotten involved at this point, and Blaine ends up going to see Ravi for a checkup. Ravi makes the excuse that he must be the only doctor Blaine remembers. Clive gets even more to think about when Dale Bazzio makes a strong suggestion about his future career. Eventually, Clive leaves, and Blaine is puzzled about why so many people don’t seem to like him. I’m not sure if it was a kindness or not, but Ravi sits him down and tells him everything Ravi knows of that Blaine has done. It takes a while.

The murder of the week gets wrapped up with the usual combination of Liv’s visions and Clive’s skill. While those cases are often almost a distraction, this one crosses over into some of the ongoing plots on a few levels. We even see a familiar character pop up on the edges of this case.

Major gets a really bad idea about using someone else as a test subject for Ravi’s current version of the zombie cure. Then again, Major gets a lot of bad ideas. What Major doesn’t know is that Dale has gotten some clues about what’s going on, and those two have a run in that doesn’t go well. That ends the episode with an interesting cliffhanger.

What I liked: As always, the banter is great. The surreal little scenes are always amusing, like Don E and Chief in the basement. I like that the series is aware of its own history, such as the coffee shop case and the earlier one on campus. All the different threads are running together for what’s got to be a messy season finale.

What I didn’t: I didn’t like Benedetto’s methods. I actually feel sorry for Blaine, which is an accomplishment on the writers’ parts. And, looking back on it, I’m really not sure what the title of the episode had to do with anything, which is usually their strong point.

This continues to be a highly enjoyable series. I’m enjoying the twists and turns, and anticipating the upcoming train wreck. I’ll give this one a 4 out of 5.