Supergirl: Worlds Finest

Worlds Finest

Lucy Lane doesn’t look impressed at this superhero team up

Last episode, Supergirl lost two of her closest allies. This week, she gets a little help from a new friend in “Worlds Finest.” Worlds Finest was a very long running team up book from DC Comics that usually featured Superman and Batman. In this case, it teams up not only two heroes but two shows and even two networks, as the CW’s Flash stops by for a visit.

After seeing Siobhan demonstrate some definitively superhuman abilities, Winn takes her to the DEO to get checked out. There are a few bad decisions here, but I’ll get back to that later. The default assumption on this show is that powers equals aliens, and in their defense, that does seem to be the case more often than not. This time, however, the DEO techs, led by Dr. Hansen, can’t find any trace of anything alien about Siobhan. I guess they don’t test for lack of conscience.

On her way out, being given far too much freedom of movement in an allegedly secret government agency, Siobhan sees Live Wire ranting about Cat Grant and Kara Danvers. Siobhan leaves, being plagued by various hallucinations, and decides to pay a visit to her ex-boss. This goes about as well as you’d think. Siobhan not only turns on Winn, but threatens Cat and blasts Kara out a window. Normally this would be a big problem for her secret identity. Instead, she gets caught as she falls by a very lost but still heroic Flash. Flash has time traveled before, and gone from his world to Earth 2, but now has ended up on Kara’s Earth. I’m guessing he was experimenting with some of his powers, since there’s some kind extra circuitry on his chest around his symbol.

The two confused heroes compare notes, blessedly skipping the “heroes meeting for the first time must fight” cliche. Both Barry and Kara are too level-headed for that silliness. Flash rattles off the names of several heroes from his world, none of whom Kara knows of, and neither of them has heard of the other.

They adjourn to the Abandoned Office of Solitude ™ to compare more notes, also bringing James and Winn into the picture. Barry explains the whole multiple Earths concept, which Winn already knows, being a good sci-fi geek. Barry mentions a few classic Earths from DC’s history, making me wonder if we’ll see more of the multiverse down the road. As they bond over shared heroics, Winn is very amused to note that James is actually jealous.

As they try to leave the building, Cat sees them and calls them into her office. There’s a really amusing scene of her meeting Barry, and a wonderfully delivered line about them all looking like a “CW show,” which is where Flash airs. Cat also names Flash the Blur, which Barry doesn’t like (nor does any fan remembering both the first season of Flash and Clark’s career on Smallville).

Of course, you can’t have two heroes team up without some kind of threat, and in this case, Siobhan decides she’s going to need help since Supergirl keeps showing up around CatCo. Remember those bad decisions I mentioned earlier? Siobhan apparently knows how to get back to the DEO, and springs Live Wire. The two of them bond over hatred of Cat and Supergirl. We also see some of Siobhan’s background and a sort-of explanation about her powers.

With Live Wire on the loose, Lucy, now running the DEO, wants help. Kara persuades her guest to lend a hand, and the DEO gets to meet the Flash. Barry, science geek that he is, is very impressed with the setup out there. Lucy also notices James’ jealousy about the way Kara acts with Flash. She actually impressed me in this scene, putting aside her failed relationship with James to give him some advice. It was a nice scene.

True to form, the heroes’ first clash with the villains goes badly. In part this is to build tension for their later fight. In part, this is because Barry seems to have lost several IQ points when he shifted Earths. First he just runs around Live Wire in circles, then he uses the lightning trick he learned from Jay Garrick. Really, why would you use lightning on someone called Live Wire? The heroes retreat and regroup.

Licking their wounds and resting a bit, Kara and Barry talk about their careers. Kara shares how frustrated she is in the wake of the Red Kryptonite incident, having lost the people’s trust. Barry gives her some good advice. Maybe Live Wire knocked some sense back into Barry.

Siobhan, now the Silver Banshee, and Live Wire, show up at CatCo. Jimmy and Winn both get blasted trying various heroic things. The bad girls leave with Cat, which points out another flaw in the show. If Silver Banshee is so anti-Cat, why didn’t she just go after Cat when she blasted Kara out the window? There were no superheroes around to interfere at that point. Barry, drawing on his slightly greater experience, uses the DEO labs to make earplugs like his team used against Pied Piper (amusing timing, as Piper shows up again on Flash this week after being gone for well over a season). The heroes get word of Cat’s kidnapping, and Live Wire demands Supergirl come meet them.

There’s a lot of good banter at the park where the bad girls want their showdown. I particularly liked Barry calling Silver Banshee “Shrieky.” The inevitable fight happens, but I give the writers huge points: it doesn’t go down like you’d expect. Not only are there a lot of surprises in the fight, Supergirl manages to fix at least some of her image problem as well.

Flash stops by the National City Police and shows them some of STAR Labs’ tricks for holding superhuman prisoners. This takes the DEO out of the gray area of holding people without trial that was troubling James Olsen earlier in the series. It’s also something they really probably needed to know, as more supers keep showing up.

After some more bonding and advice, Supergirl helps Flash get back home in a fairly clever move that made sense for the story and echoed the classic Superman/Flash races. Kara ends the episode trying to resolve things with James, but gets interrupted by the next crisis. It’s a nasty cliffhanger that shows what the renegade Kryptonians have been up to, and leaves a lot of people in a bad place to end the episode.

What I liked: I’m a comic book geek, and have been for a long time. I love the classic hero team up, and am thrilled they managed to do it without the silly fighting. Flash and Supergirl play well off each other, and I hope they meet up again. Actually, I’d love to see Supergirl go the CW-Verse. Cisco, Diggle, and Oliver’s reactions would probably be worth the show right there. Lucy’s scene with James was nicely done, and Cat, as usual, got great lines. Siobhan’s look as Silver Banshee was designed well.

What I didn’t: I mentioned Siobhan not taking advantage of Cat being undefended near the start of the show. Barry’s first fight with Live Wire was just poorly written with several really dumb choices from a veteran hero.

The episode had some flaws but it was overall highly enjoyable. I really enjoyed seeing the two heroes meet and work together. Because it appealed to me with the team up, I’ll overlook the flaws and give this one a 4 out of 5.


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