iZombie: Pour Some Sugar, Zombie


Peyton is not comfortable with Liv’s new brain…

The amusing titles keep coming on iZombie. This week’s is “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie,” which I guess is a tip of the metaphorical hat to Def Leppard. The writers are continuing to have the secrets fall away one by one. Pretty soon, at least most of the cast is actually going to know what’s going on everywhere, which might be a nice change.

Blaine is acting really weird, even for him. Don E, his thug, is getting worried, and it looks like he has reason to be. Blaine even gets Don E’s name wrong, which rattles both of them. It’s weird seeing the plotting, scheming Blaine looking both mellow and lost.

As this is happening, weirdness is going on at Liv’s place. Liv hops in the shower, and Gilda sneaks back in. Gilda, after last episode, looks like she’s crossed over to the zombie side of things, and is frantically pawing through the fridge, looking for brains. She’s clearly in the throes of hunger, but is still smart enough to be quiet and figure out where Liv hides her stash. Someone else is being smart, too, and Gilda makes an unplanned and hurried exit.

Liv comes back out of the shower and finds Gilda’s head-scarf on the floor. She doesn’t really have time to ponder over this. Peyton is apparently moving back in, and she turns up with Major and Ravi in tow, helping her with the boxes, furniture etc. They have a little pizza party afterwards, but that, too, gets interrupted. This time, Peyton gets a phone call from an informant who knows something about Boss’ operations. Well, with the general theme of the show, you can guess what happens.

Clive ends up with the case after Peyton’s informant’s body is found. She was hit with something as she walked down the road, like the stupid teenager game of mailbox baseball. Peyton starts getting really demanding about Liv eating her brain to get visions of what the dead woman, Cassidy, had on Boss. Liv growls at Peyton, and I don’t blame her.

Just to make things even more awkward this week, the quirks Liv picks up are both Cassidy’s foul mouth and her moves from work. Cassidy was a stripper, and Liv and Peyton have a really funny scene of Liv trying to trigger a vision. We learn that the dancers at the club where Cassidy worked aren’t exactly one big happy family. Lurking around the edges of the strip club is a familiar face- Johnny Frost, the really weird tv weatherman Liv channeled first season. Frost is bizarre and entertaining, just like last time around. He might be a suspect, or the victim of a different crime. He’s certainly different.

Ravi walks in on Major, but not in the usual roommate way. Ravi sees the safe Major has hidden in his room, and Major is clearly not happy to see Ravi, or talk about the safe. Ravi is far from stupid, and realizes something’s not right. He gets more suspicious later when he sees a picture of Minor, the dog they had for a while, and realizes he’s connected to the Chaos Killer case. Ravi also gets a few clues from Dale Bazzio, the FBI agent who’s been working the case (and dating Clive).

Liv gets a surprising visit from a vice detective asking about Drake. This doesn’t really help the bad opinion Liv’s been forming about him. She puts this weirdness aside to help Clive with the case, and they get a few more clues from the club and Liv’s visions. The case takes even more weird turns and false leads than usual, made more surreal by the characters at the strip club.

Don E, finally deciding whatever’s going on with Blaine is serious, takes him to be examined by Ravi. Blaine’s condition is peculiar, both physically and mentally. Everyone is confused about what’s going on, including Blaine himself. It’s a really startling change.

The murder case gets wrapped up, and isn’t really that remarkable aside from the strange suspects and the return of Johnny Frost. What happens in the rest of the subplots is a lot more interesting. There are a lot of surprises near the end of the episode.

Don E makes a questionable choice about what to do now that Blaine isn’t quite himself, and I suspect this is going to go really badly. Liv goes to confront Drake’s mother about whatever’s going on with him, and gets a series of shocks that puts everything into a different light for her.

What’s really stunning is the confrontation between Ravi and Major. Ravi has learned a lot about what’s been going on, and calls Major on what he’s been up to. Major gets really mad, surprisingly so with some potentially horrible effects, but Ravi is really quick on the draw. What’s going to happen with these two going forward I don’t know, but I can’t see it being good.
They are really pulling out the stops as they get closer to the season finale, and we already know that the show will be back for a third season.

What I liked: It’s really impressive to me that a show about a zombie detective manages to make neither the zombie nor the detective part my favorite portions of the show. The dialogue is brilliant and funny, and I really enjoy the characters, even the unquestionably bad ones. The very intricate subplots are blending together, and the slow reveals are making a great series of cliffhangers.

What I didn’t: Really, not much. This was a great episode with smooth writing and witty banter. I kinda wish we’d seen more about what happened to Gilda, but I guess that’s coming.

I’m giving this one a 4.5 out of 5. It was just a great episode.


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