Agent Carter: Monsters


When the plan ends with anxious wait in the Emergency Room…

After the chaos of last episode, Agent Carter and friends now have to deal with “Monsters.” Whitney Frost, drawing on her acting skills, has a press conference about the death of her husband, and his “colleagues,” the Council members she killed with her Zero Matter powers. Carter and Frost glare at each other across the reporters before Frost retreats into “mourning.”

Jarvis and Carter are working on ways to find and rescue Dottie Underwood. Wilkes gets very short-tempered about them wasting time on a killer when his own crisis is far from stable. Dottie herself is undergoing “questioning” from Vernon Masters. She’s clearly far from impressed by his efforts.

Back at Stark’s place, Ana is providing the hands for building Wilkes’ containment chamber. Wilkes is flickering again, and Ana says it’s been happening more often, worrying Carter who comes in during this. Wilkes snaps at the others for still working on finding Dottie.

Dottie and Vernon play some more mind games with no winner. Vernon gets summoned by his new master, Frost. She’s using Madfredi as her assistant and security chief, which Vernon isn’t happy about. Frost lays into Vernon about recovering the uranium Carter stole from Roxxon. She needs those specific rods to recreate the Zero Matter incident.  Wanting more answers, Frost visits Dottie and uses her special powers to get the information she wants. Dottie does tell her about Wilkes and his problems. Frost thought he was dead and is now fascinated.

They finally finish the chamber for Wilkes, and he nervously gets in. Everyone is thrilled when it works. As Wilkes is restored to normal, he suddenly realizes he’s hungry. Ana runs out to make a feast, and Jarvis gives a so-so endorsement of Hungarian food. They get more surprises when Dottie’s necklace tracker starts transmitting, and Vernon shows up in Sousa’s office. Vernon is pushing about the Roxxon break in and theft.

Jarvis demonstrates another of Stark’s weird weapons and then he and Carter set off to find Dottie. They talk about Carter’s love triangle, and Carter gets really flustered about it. It’s actually kind of cute. To no surprise at all, it’s a trap and Jarvis’ toy doesn’t work right. Jarvis and Carter are captured and put in the same room with Dottie. Eventually all three escape and rush off, having learned that Frost is after Wilkes, and, by extension, Ana.

Frost gets into Stark’s lab/workshop and is impressed with Stark’s genius. There’s a passing reference to a palladium core, which is a big piece of Iron Man 2 much later. Frost and Wilkes argue about what Zero Matter is and what it could be used for, and then they have a more direct conflict that surprises Frost. Eventually, the bad guys get what they came for. They escape and pull a really ugly trick to delay Carter.

Things get worse and worse. Dottie escapes, Sousa gets jumped and beaten at his place, and then Vernon takes his job. Vernon implies strongly Sousa will get his job back when they get the uranium back from the Roxxon robbery. Carter finds out about Vernon taking over when she calls in, although Rose oddly doesn’t answer the phone. All in all, things end in a bad place for the SSR.

What I liked: I really enjoy Ana. She’s an amusing character and well played. Carter’s determination is admirable. Jarvis’ two loves were really apparent here- Ana and adventure. Wilkes’ short temper was understandable and good characterization. Vernon is slimy but efficient and smart. Dottie is tough and creepy in an unbalanced kind of way.

What I didn’t: Sousa didn’t even get in a punch when he was attacked. Rose should have answered the phone for the SSR cover office in the talent agency when Carter called. Stark desperately needs a real security system. The weapon Jarvis used seemed kind of contrived and it failing when needed was cliche and I saw it coming a mile away.

It was a decent, not great, episode. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5. It will be interesting to see how they get out of the collective mess they’re in now.