Supergirl: Bizarro


Bizarro has looked better

Maxwell Lord continues to play supervillain for never specified reasons in “Bizarro.” Any fan of Superman, and most comic fans in general, know what’s coming from that title. Max has created his own faux-Supergirl, mentally conditioned her to hate the real Supergirl, and turned her loose.

Things get weird for Kara at work, too. Not only does Cat get her own coffee for once, but she got Kara one, too, and got the order right. I guess there are perks to dating the boss’ son? Kara and Winn both look surprised at this development. Winn gets over his sulking enough to talk to Kara about her evil twin. Ok, he doesn’t call it that, but several others do.

Kara and company meet in the Abandoned Office of Solitude to brainstorm about the evil critter, now dubbed Bizarro by Cat. I guess Cat is this world’s equivalent of Cisco on Flash. They come up with no answers. James and Winn are both surprised when they find out Kara is going on dates with Adam.

The date starts out well, and Kara looks good for it. She and Adam get on well, and things are going great. Well, you know that can’t last, and it doesn’t. The National City Tram (which we’ve never heard of before) gets stuck, with people on it and in danger. Kara ends the date to fly off to the rescue. She might have salvaged the date if Bizarro hadn’t showed up to fight her. At least other people have seen it now, so they know it’s not Supergirl.  The fight ends inconclusively. Supergirl saves the tram, but Bizarro gets away.

Back at the DEO, they all compare notes. Hank wonders if it’s some variation of Red Tornado, and has a surprising comment about his brief time impersonating Supergirl. Alex goes to confront Max and he makes oblique threats about exposing her family to danger.

In an utterly bizarre scene, James and Winn have a drink together. There’s nothing wrong with that in theory, but out in the open at work? Cat must have a very liberal policy on office alcohol. Then again, she does have a bar in her office. The two of them also have an interesting conversation about James’ feelings for Kara.

Adam and Kara try for another date. This time, it’s not exactly her fault. The date goes well, they kiss… and then Bizarro shows up and snatches her right out of Adam’s arms. Kara and Bizarro have a knock down drag out fight where we see some of Bizarro’s powers are backwards (freeze vision and flame breath). The DEO shows up to try and help out, but the Kryptonite bullets they synthesize don’t work as expected. Bizarro escapes again. Also, does everyone at the DEO know Kara’s secret? The fight was with Kara dressed as Kara, and then she’s at the DEO base in her civilian clothes.

Adam and Cat are back at Cat’s office, both worried sick about Kara. Kara manages to finally show up and then breaks up with Adam. This doesn’t sit well with Adam or Cat. Cat does get in an amusing joke about putting out an Amber Alert on Kara.

Alex takes some fairly drastic action with Max Lord. I don’t think it was a good idea, and Hank apparently agrees. No one seems to consider that he might have put precautions in place in case someone did something like this to him. Again, bad planning by the DEO.

Bizarro goes a bit off the deep end and captures James Olsen, taking him off to some empty industrial space. Those spaces are key to almost every superhero show on tv, I swear. Supergirl eventually shows up, but not until after Bizarro tells James some things about Supergirl. Bizarro and Supergirl are still evenly matched, but Alex shows up with a new version of Kryptonite bullets. These do the trick. There’s a sort of sad, Frankenstein’s Monster vibe about Bizarro. Kara (and I) feel bad for her.

The episode ends with no one particularly happy, although Lord is looking really smug for a man in his circumstances. Kara flies home, still showing horrible judgement about trying to keep her secret identity, well, secret. She then finds a new problem which I suspect will be the focus of next week’s episode.

What I liked: Kara is a good person. The fact that she cares about Bizarro speaks a lot about her. Cat got some great lines, as usual. Winn is sulking less and actually giving some good advice. Hank’s line about when he was Supergirl was funny. They didn’t drag out the “people think Supergirl has gone bad” part of the story.

What I didn’t: James and Winn drinking at work was weird. They couldn’t have gone to a bar for that scene? Kara and Adam breaking up over her secrets is a somewhat overused trope in superhero stories at this point.

I’ll give this one a low 3 out of 5. It had some flaws, but they did some good things. Next week should be interesting.


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