Agent Carter: A View In The Dark


Carter and Jarvis train

The second half of the season opener for Agent Carter is “A View In The Dark.” While they solved the murder in the first episode, they ended up with a lot more unanswered questions. Chadwick and Frost are clearly up to something or other, and the weird black floating stuff they showed last time is definitely SSR territory. 

Agent Carter is enjoying the hospitality of Howard Stark’s California home. Possibly in an effort to be of more help than last time, Jarvis has been working out, weight-lifting, and studying martial arts. They have an amusing scene that could go badly, but instead just shows what a great character Ana Jarvis is. She’s rapidly becoming a favorite of mine.

Sousa has apparently gotten a serious relationship going since he got out to the West Coast. He and Rose, the woman who runs the front office, discuss his telling Carter. This ends up being a moot point, as Carter and Violet, Sousa’s girlfriend, are chatting in the office when Sousa and Rose come in. Violet is another good, strong female character they’ve added.

As last episode’s dead body is transported to a safe location, with unsafe results, Chadwick is called to a Council meeting. They don’t establish who the Council is, but I’m betting some version of Hydra, unless they are adding a new big, powerful, behind the scenes group. The Council is going to shut down Chadwick’s Isodyne company, in part because of the attention it’s attracted. They urge Chadwick to focus on his Senate campaign. I will say that, whoever they are, they have a really cool secret meeting room.

Carter and Sousa come back to Isodyne, this time with a warrant. They’re stalled again, now by huge signs warning of a radiation leak. Somehow, that scene reminded me of Han Solo’s famous failed stall technique on the Death Star. Carter’s friend from last time, Dr. Wilkes, manages to slip them a note before sneaking around on his own.

After some debate, Carter leans a bit more than she was ready for about Sousa and Violet’s relationship, and goes off to a meeting by herself at the Dunbar Hotel. Ana Jarvis helps her with wardrobe choices while Edwin plays Bond’s Q and points out the special features on Stark’s car. They range from useful to amusing to I really hope they clean that car thoroughly.

Carter and Wilkes exchange small talk at the hotel. Wilkes is clearly interested in Carter. The two of them end up leaving the hotel. They have an unwanted escort that Carter misses. Maybe she’s distracted, and is more attracted to Wilkes than she’s admitting.

As that happens, Chadwick and his wife, Whitney Frost, talk about their future. She’s already had a bad day after getting a lot of sexist and/or ageist comments tossed at her by her director. Frost seems to be pushing Chadwick hard, a modern day Lady MacBeth.

Their date takes Carter and Wilkes to the Griffith Observatory, which seems to be a favorite place for many movie and tv scenes. In this case, Wilkes talks more about his background before revealing his ulterior motive for bringing Carter here. He has movies set up inside to show her this “Zero Energy” that Isodyne somehow discovered during an atomic test. It has a lot of weird and highly destructive properties. It’s a really impressive effect.

Their movie watching is interrupted by an attack team, led by a menacing man we’ve seen before. There’s a lot of gunfire before Carter sends off a distress call and steals one of the bad guy’s cars to escape in. In that car, she finds a pin with the same weird design on it that Dottie was stealing back in New York last episode. They have a cat and mouse chase throughout the city. They eventually make their way to Isodyne, where they get a series of surprises that don’t go well for anyone involved.

The few wrap up scenes show a shaken Peggy, sharing a drink with Ana Jarvis. Ana lets slip that Jarvis has a heroic history, despite his comedy relief presence on the show so far. Sousa and Violet get a great scene that makes me think that either Violet is a bit too good for Sousa, or she has an ugly secret that’ll be showing up later. Chadwick and Frost plot out what to do next as they work for their mysterious Council.

What I liked: I’d been wondering how Wilkes managed to have the position he does in that time. They touch on that here, and, while it’s not a fun story all the way, it makes sense for the era. Ana Jarvis and Violet are both great. Peggy better watch out or she might get overshadowed on her own show. I liked Stark’s tricked out car. It wasn’t as over the top as a James Bond toy, but it worked for a high tech inventor/genius/playboy.

What didn’t: Carter missing her tail from the hotel wasn’t like her. Sousa’s acting weird about his relationship with Violet. Carter really needs to start carrying more firepower, or at least reloads, with her.

It was a fun show. I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 for the episode.

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