Heroes Reborn: Project Reborn


Luke maxes out his powers in the finale

Heroes Reborn comes to an end in “Project Reborn.” The various groups are rushing to stop the end of the world, or at least save as many lives as they can along the way. Unfortunately, even if the Evos manage to save the world, it’s still all over for them. The show has been cancelled, so it’s not coming back, despite the optimistic final shot of “End Volume One.” 

Carlos and company end up at nearest hospital after Farah was injured last episode. Myka helps them power up the equipment, since no one is left in the building. Then, as more refugees come in seeking help, this group realizes they aren’t going anywhere. Carlos has medic training, and Myka is making the equipment work. Not a bad job for heroes at the end of the world, helping save lives.

Ren and Emily creep through the Gateway base. Emily wants to find Tommy, and Ren is still looking for Katana Girl. What they slowly find out is how evil Erica is. Ren eventually makes the connection between the building layout and the EverNow game. Eventually, they overhear Richard the computer geek talking and realize Tommy is trapped in the game, like Hiro was before.

Tommy himself is having a surreal experience. The inside of EverNow is a strange place, and Tommy is finding out that the rules don’t apply here, including physics. He eventually gets captured within the game itself, and his power transferred to the network Erica is using to send people to the future. Finally, it engages and sends Erica’s chosen, homing in on the special watches they’re wearing.

Ren and Emily manage to find the rooms of strapped down Evos. Among the many are Otomo and Miko. Ren gets a bit of a shock when he meets Miko. She isn’t Katana Girl, so she doesn’t have the memories he’s expecting. Otomo tells them how to find Tommy, and sends Ren into the game. For some, that would be a dream come true. But fighting for real isn’t the same as gaming, and Ren has a lot of challenges ahead of him.

Luke, Malina, and Quentin are still trying to figure out what to do. The prophecy is that she and her brother together are supposed to save the world. Well, they haven’t managed to find Tommy, and the first solar flare is about to hit. Luke makes a decision to really be a hero, matching his power against something it seems tailor made for.

Afterward, Quentin and Malina get hunted by Phoebe, still around and lurking in her own shadows. Phoebe has seriously gone around the bend. She’s become a monster, and Quentin finally realizes what she is. There’s an ugly confrontation with something of a surprise, at least for Phoebe.

Tommy manages to free himself from the game after Ren fights his way into the fortress. Erica starts losing control when Tommy begins to realize the extent of his powers. Tommy actually manages to bi-locate, both facing down Erica and her thugs and going back to help Malina. Their joined power doesn’t work the way the way they thought it would, and Tommy makes several trips to the past to find out why. Eventually, a great sacrifice is required, and one of the time loops from earlier is completed. Future Tommy deals with Erica.

In the end, the heroes win. The world is saved, but we lose several characters this episode. The government is suspicious, but the only witness they have is Quentin. Aside from a nicely heroic speech, Quentin isn’t talking. The last few scenes are mostly set up for a second series that apparently isn’t coming.

What I liked: There were some great uses of various powers here. The characters, for the most part, did smart things to help them win. The ones with no powers like Noah, Emily, and Ren did important things to support the Evos. Most of the deaths were either heroic or well deserved.

What I didn’t: There are a lot of unanswered questions. We never learned anything at all about Sylar or Peter in this series. Is Hiro actually dead? And, of course, since I liked the show (both times), I’m sorry to learn it’s not coming back. Then again, it was cancelled five years ago. Who knows what the future holds?

I’ll give the finale a 3.5 out of 5, and the same rank to the series overall. I hope at some point it will manage to come back again.


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