Gotham: Worse Than A Crime


The Gotham mid-season finale is a very eventful episode. “Worse Than A Crime” is clearly taking place not long after last week’s “The Son of Gotham.” It’s a rough episode and most of the people involved don’t have a good outing. 

At the dump, Alfred is clearly the worse for wear from his fight with Tabitha. He scurries around looking for a place to hide while she and some thugs hunt for him. Eventually, he does what countless safety experts advise against and hides in a fridge. Hey, it worked for Indiana Jones. The fridge becomes an even better hiding spot when it gets buried in more junk and Alfred takes a while to dig himself out.

At Wayne Manor, Lucius Fox comes up from the Batcave-to-be, triumphantly announcing he fixed the computer finally, only to realize there’s no one there. Well, we know where Alfred is. Bruce is at Galavan’s place, listening to Galavan rant about their ancient family feud. You can see Bruce looking sorry but faintly puzzled, like, “What does this have to do with me?” It’s sort of funny to watch.

Jim dreams about Barbara falling with some really weird imagery that seems like it belonged more in the Hannibal show than Gotham. He wakes up to something even more surreal- Penguin and Nygma singing a duet. No, really. Penguin tells Gordon he wants them to work together, and then breaks the news that Gordon is officially a fugitive.

Moving further along the crazy train, Galavan lectures Tabitha for not killing Alfred. He then turns on Silver for not keeping Bruce under her thumb. Tabitha is clearly growing less enchanted with her brother as time passes. Galavan commands Silver to get Bruce back in her control before he dies, or he’ll throw her out, penniless and alone. He then gives her the evil version of a pep talk. He’s charming in his own insane sociopathic way.

Bruce is in a cell in a white robe. Silver comes in and apologizes for what happened before. She wants to talk. He’s resistant, which makes sense. She says he must really hate her, and he responds that he has no feelings at all for her. That’s Batman cold. He lets her stay and they have some odd small talk.

Alfred’s bad day continues when he tries to get a ride, fails, tries more forcefully, and get tased and arrested. You have to feel for the guy. Back at GCPD, Nygma listens in as Barnes and Lee argue about Jim. She’s mad that Barnes put out a warrant on Jim, and Barnes makes his case really well.

After Nygma makes an especially weird comment, Lee goes hunting for Jim at Nygma’s place, and finds the Penguin army. Even more surprising, she finds Jim working with them. He tells her they are going after Galavan no matter what. Jim’s really getting darker and more obsessive as time passes. The really amusing bit is Lee calling Penguin a depraved sociopath, and Penguin pointing out he’s right there and can hear her. Lee then drops some stunning news on Gordon which makes him reconsider his going along.

Silver stages an escape for Bruce that goes about as badly as I expected. They both end up back in the cell. Bruce knows she’s faking all this, he’s just not sure why. She finally breaks down and tells him. Whether it’s a real breakdown or not is anyone’s guess with her.

After a lot of scenes of arguing and confusion, a rescue party starts to take shape. The most amusing part of the assembly process is Nygma trying to be clever with another riddle, Lucius Fox getting it without missing a beat, and Nygma blinking in surprise, saying, “No. Yes. Who are you?” The team ends up being advised from Fox, and action from Alfred, Bullock, Gordon, Penguin, his thugs, and Selena, who turns up at the last minute.

Galavan comes for Bruce. Bruce and Silver have bonded slightly in their chat. Bruce also made comments about not being afraid, feeling alive. That sounded a bit creepy and more like his later persona. At any rate, Bruce kisses her goodbye, sparing her Galavan’s wrath. They have a full ceremony going on, with robes and chants. The rescue team coming up, after Selena gets them in the building, hears the chants and is confused and worried both.

Harvey stops most of the way up, winded. It’s a lot of stairs. The rescuers burst in just as the monks are about to sacrifice Bruce, and a huge fight ensues. The good guys win (no surprise there or the series would be over). There are a lot of twists and turns after the fight. One is Bruce thanking Alfred and Selena, who seem to have gotten over their earlier dispute, but assuring them he had “a feasible escape plan.” They share an amusedly exasperated look. There’s a scene with Tabitha, Silver, and Galavan that had some surprises. And then, there’s a climactic scene with Penguin, Galavan, and Gordon that honestly shocked me.

After that, Gordon and Lee have another important scene together that had more surprises. We see the Indian Hill facility again, where Firefly was sent a while back. And at the end, another Gotamite dies in a gruesome manner that seems to indicate another classic Bat-foe is going be joining things when the show returns.

What I liked: The rescue was well done. Lucius Fox had some great lines and scenes. Harvey was an amusing presence as he tends to be. Bruce is starting to finally at least hint at what he will become. Selena was very useful. The hint of the new foe should be interesting.

What I didn’t: The scene near the end with Galavan, Gordon, and Penguin had so many things wrong with it, but I won’t go into details so I don’t do spoilers. Barnes seems a little too rigid at times. Not that Chiklis is playing him badly, he’s doing a great job, just morally. Some of the Silver/Bruce scenes seemed to go on a bit too long.

One thought on “Gotham: Worse Than A Crime

  1. Yeah, the whole way that went down with Galavan, Gordon, and Penguin… this just doesn’t feel right. if season 2 has done anything, its destroy Jim Gordon’s character. He just doesn’t behave the way Jim behaves anymore. now he just throws people out of windows like a crazy person…


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