2 Comic Book Weddings… sorta

Warning: this article has spoliers for X-Men Gold 30 and Batman 50. If you haven’t read these, be warned.

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The Gifted: rX

Gifted is definitely isn’t going lightly on Marvel’s anti-mutant prejudice.

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The way my life works, I don’t always get to the movies as much as I’d like. So, while it’s been out for a while, this is when I finally got to see Logan, hence why my review is late by many standards. Even though it’s been out a while, I’m going to try to…

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Logan trailers are… for Logan

Who’s this?  Monster Face? I love watching Hugh Jackman play Wolverine, so it’s a good bet that I’ll show up at the theater for Logan.  The trailers don’t exactly make me jump out of my seat, though. So there’s this thing in movie trailer culture where you take an old, fast sold sung by a man…

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X-Men Apocalypse review

X-Men: Apocalypse could in some ways be called X-Men: Remix. A lot of characters we’ve seen before get reintroduced since the timeline was reset in Days of Future Past. Conveniently, this let them recast younger actors for almost every role. There’s also a very odd mix of keeping some character’s backgrounds, or at least pieces of them, but wholly disregarding others.

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