Harley Quinn: Devil’s Snare

Picking up from where last episode left off, the crew has a major battle raging. Scarecrow’s new potion has twisted an aspect of Ivy’s powers, and the resulting ugly is rampaging through Gotham’s Robinson Park.

Harley Quinn: So You Need A Crew?

In the first episode, we met the players and got a general idea of who’s who. In the second, we got something of an idea of what Harley wanted and a few of the obstacles in her way. Now, she’s starting to work on actually getting what she wants, and, of course, that doesn’t go smoothly.

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

I’ve been reading comics most of my life, so I’m pretty familiar with Wonder Woman. I’ve also read about comics a lot, so I know the broad strokes of Professor Marston’s life. When I heard about the movie, I was curious enough to check it out, and today I got the chance to.