Batwoman: Mad as a Hatter

Last season had a lot happen on Batwoman, but one of the things I was most glad to see was that she won’t be alone in the field anymore. Batwoman was the only Arrowverse hero without backup, and that’s finally changed as Luke Fox became more like his comic book self and donned the Batwing armor.

Young Justice: Triptych

…revealed is the plan behind some of the recent changes in the Justice League’s membership, a new and intriguing Gotham-based team, and at least a nod in the direction of the one original Outsider we haven’t seen yet.


Gotham: Mad City: Follow The White Rabbit

Jervis Tetch continues to be a problem child for the people of Gotham in “Mad City: Follow the White Rabbit.” Personally, I find him annoying and keep hoping he’s about to go away, but I guess the writers like him. This week’s episode features him going to new lengths to avoid personal responsibility. While he hasn’t used the name yet, he’s living up the old “Mad as a hatter,” phrase. Although to use modern slang, he’s a hater, too.