Titans: Dick Grayson

             The live-action Titans show gets to the end of their first season, ending on a few different cliffhangers. This is a season finale, so there will be spoilers below.

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Titans: Hank and Dawn

The Titans only have 11 episodes in their first season. Compared to a lot of shows, that’s not a lot of time. So it makes the choice to devote all of episode nine, “Hank and Dawn,” to the Hawk and Dove characters we haven’t seen since episode three very puzzling to me.

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Titans: Hawk and Dove

   The DC Universe live action Titans continues with “Hawk and Dove.” That pair of heroes has had several incarnations, but this seems to be Hawk I and Dove II, the pair that had their own series for a while in the 90’s.

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