Gotham: Trespassers

Gotham’s final season, based on No Man’s Land, continues with “Trespassers.” Gotham has become a place you’d expect to see Mad Max riding around in, or maybe Snake Plissken trying to Escape from.

Gotham: One Bad Day

Gotham keeps stealing ideas from the comics and not quite doing them justice. The title “One Bad Day” is a reference to a major point in the classic Batman story (and later animated movie) The Killing Joke.

Gotham: To Our Deaths and Beyond

“To Our Deaths and Beyond” sounds like it’s a strange twist on Buzz Lightyear’s catchphrase from Toy Story, but it’s the title of the next episode of Gotham. There’s enough weirdness going on that there are going to be spoilers along the way, so be warned.

Gotham: That’s Entertainment

I’ve talked before about wondering why anyone would still live in Gotham at this point. Well, even worse than living there at this point is being mayor. They tend to die, get kidnapped, disappear, or be revealed as crime bosses.