Gotham: Things That Go Boom

The “A Dark Knight” section of Gotham’s current season is, if they follow the usual pattern, almost done. “Things That Go Boom” puts a lot of pieces in motion, and starts nudging things towards the mid-season finale. It starts off, as so many problems in Gotham City do, at Arkham Asylum.

Gotham: Let Them Eat Pie

Batman is one of the darker heroes out there, and a lot of his stories over the years have reflected that. Gotham is pre-Batman (and ever more off in its own version of reality, but that’s another issue), but it doesn’t go easy on the darkness. “Let Them Eat Pie” is one of their more disturbing episode so far, and at this point, that says something.

Gotham: A Day In The Narrows

Things went badly on the last episode of Gotham, and “A Day In The Narrows” gets even worse. At times, I don’t think they could much more than they have to isolate Jim Gordon. I’m all for being self-sufficient, but this is getting ridiculous.

Gotham: Hog Day Afternoon

In the midst of Penguin’s crime licensing scheme, and Riddler skulking around the shadows with Grundy, Gotham gets a new problem. Yet another of Batman’s rogues turns up a good bit before Bruce puts on the mask

Gotham: The Blade’s Path

Gotha continues its “A Dark Knight” sub-season with “The Blade’s Path.” Considering how important this knife of Ra’s’ has been, it’s not that hard to figure out what this is going to be about.