The Gifted: oMens

        What may be the final episode of The Gifted is a busy outing that ends dramatically, and makes me wonder if the possible cancellation was a surprise to the showrunners.

The Gifted: eXtraction

The Gifted wraps up their first season with a two hour finale, eXtraction and Xroads. Things have been getting bad for both sides as the season has gone on, and events build to a head as the Mutant Underground and Sentinel Services head for a major battle.

The Gifted: eXploited

THAT mission went well…

The mid-season finale for The Gifted starts off with things looking bad, and ends with them being even worse. At the end of last episode, a good chunk of the team was captured by Sentinel Services. Now, the ones that are left have to figure out how to get their friends back and not get caught up in all-out war with the government.

The Gifted: outfoX

This week’s opening flashback on The Gifted is set one year ago. The Struckers are having a family picnic. While Reed and Caitlin talk about their busy schedules, Andy and Lauren are off down the path a bit. Andy is trying to teach Lauren to skateboard, and it’s a nice little brother/sister scene. Up until…