A Brief History of the Birds of Prey

With the movie coming out, a lot of people are interested in the Birds of Prey who might not be familiar with the original comic or characters. As is often the case, there’s a lot of difference between the movie and the comics. I’ll do my best to give a quick overview of both.

Flash: Gone Rogue

The saga of XS betraying her family, then not understanding why they’re upset, and everyone overreacting, continues. She’s back from the future and making new friends that Team Flash would definitely not approve of.

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Secret Six #10

The Secret Six continue their quest to deal with the white pillars and save Black Alice. They’ve been running into various opposition, since the destruction of the pillars supposedly will let horrific Elder Gods into our world. This time, they have more serious problems, as suggested by the title, “Watch A Yellow Sun Fade.” If that’s not enough of a clue, they end up in Metropolis.

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Secret Six #9

As is often the case, the Six are in over their heads. Black Alice, one of their own, is losing control of her powers, endangering the magic community. Her teammates have been dragooned into accepting a quest to find a series of mystic pillars. If they destroy them, Black Alice is supposedly saved. Of course, if they do, monsters that look like they escaped from one of HP Lovecraft’s nightmares get loose to kill possibly everyone on Earth.