Cloak and Dagger: Back Breaker

Things are looking bad for a lot of the main characters on Cloak and Dagger. “Back Breaker” is well named. Tyrone got what he wanted and nothing’s better, Tandy had her dreams smashed, and O’Reilly suffered a major tragedy last time. Now they all have to deal with it.

Cloak & Dagger: The Lotus Eaters

Time loops are a popular trope in science fiction, fantasy, and superhero stories. Recently, they’ve been in the Dr. Strange movie, an episode of Legends of Tomorrow, and the season finale of Supergirl. Now, it’s Cloak and Dagger’s turn in “The Lotus Eaters.”

Cloak & Dagger: Call/Response

Last episode of Cloak and Dagger, Stained Glass, ended with Tyrone tracking Tandy down at her church/hideout. Now, “Call/Response” goes back and forth between them talking to each other, trying to figure out what’s happening to them, and developments in both their lives.

Cloak and Dagger: Suicide Sprints

Cloak and Dagger’s second episode, “Suicide Sprints,” begins with Detective O’Reilly walking down the street to a crime scene. I only know her name from IMDB, since the detective goes the majority of the episode without speaking.