Flash: The Girl With The Red Lightning

The end is almost here for Team Flash… of the season, that is. Now that they have everyone back together and on the same side, they need to figure out a way to stop Cicada II, or She-Cada as she’s been dubbed (I admit, that name is growing on me).

Flash: Snow Pack

    Things are speeding along towards the end of the season on the Flash. Barry made a rash decision last episode, and that causes a lot of complications for this one.

Flash: Failure is an Orphan

Flash’s “Failure is an Orphan” is a grim title for an episode with a lot of surprises, few of them good. The season-long clash with Cicada looks like it might be wrapping up, but things get complicated.

Flash: Goldfaced

  There are a lot of questionable choices and gray areas in “Goldfaced.” Team Flash has a lot of decisions to make this week, and it involves some interesting moral calculus.