Secret Identity by Alex

I generally stick to tv shows, movies, and the occasional comic book issue here. Occasionally, I find something that warrants an exception. This is one of those times.

If you like superhero comics at all, this is a book you should look into. There are a lot of references to big Marvel and DC characters amid a tale of trying to make it in the industry, a murder mystery, stolen characters, lack of credit, and a young Cuban-American woman trying to come to terms with being on her own in New York, putting a disastrous love affair behind her, and keeping her secret in a time when gay rights wasn’t exactly a thing. Carmen Valdez is determined to make it as a writer, but she’s fighting a system stacked against her.

In between some of the sections are some great pages of comics showing the adventures of the character that’s such a big part of the story, and they’re done well, capturing the feel of 1975, when this is set. I found the main character compelling, the comic references fantastic, and I really liked the story.

The only flaw I recall in the tale is near the end. The villain is revealed, our heroine is threatened, and there’s talk of a silenced revolver. You can’t silence a revolver.

I really enjoyed this story and hope Carmen, and her character Lynx, come back some time.


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