Flash: Resurrection

Hey, for once filming in Canada works for our outdoor scenes.

The mystery of the Black Flame meta has been keeping Team Flash busy for a little while now. They’ve been following the clues they’ve managed to get, and then Caitlin got a big revelation at the end of last episode. Now they have a lot of decisions to make in their pursuit of this killer, and Iris and Sue have their own issues out in Coast City. There’s a rare amount of dissension and tension on the team as they deal with “Resurrection.”

There are a lot of flashbacks in this episode, showing scenes between Caitlin and Ronnie throughout their relationship. The first, which opens the show, depicts their meeting, and an amusing mistake on Caitlin’s part. They mention some characters that are long gone from the show, and then we shift back to the present. Caitlin concludes her unexpected meeting with the Black Flame, struggling to understand how this can be Ronnie. The Black Flame tells her what he needs, and she looks even more surprised.

The team in Coast City have their own cliffhanger to deal with, as Iris’ weird condition did something or other to Tinya’s mother. Tinya is pissed, Sue is worried about Iris, and Iris is just in pain. Sue shoos Tinya out of the room as Iris collapses. Back at STAR, the team goes over their case, trying to figure out what’s happening and why. Caitlin comes in and shares her bombshell news, stunning everyone. Then, she notices something on their murder board and provides a connection everyone had missed. There’s a lot of techno-babble and comic book science, and then they arrive at a plan, drawing on several of their past adventures. Most of the team jumps on board, although Barry looks concerned. He doesn’t seem to like it when someone else comes up with the ideas or takes the risks.

Concerned Barry goes to visit Caitlin as she works on her project. This scene shows one of my ongoing complaints about a lot of tv shows, movies, and comics for that matter. Caitlin is a doctor and adept in medical sciences. Now she’s working on hardware and adapting complex devices. Yes, she’s been working at STAR for a long time and with some amazing talent, but this seems like a big stretch for her work. Scientists don’t automatically know how to do all branches of science. Caitlin is very invested in her solution to the problems confronting them, and doesn’t seem too impressed with Barry’s concerns. She does realize that her husband returning from the dead causes some complications in her life, and goes to have a serious talk with her boyfriend, Marcus. I get that telling him something was the right thing to do, but this seems like more than he needed to know as far as the details go. It’s a sad scene and, of course, like almost any purely social scene involving someone not on the team, happens at Jitters.

Back at STAR, Barry goes to check on some important equipment, and ends up having a talk with Frost. Barry shares some of his doubts, and Frost expresses her concerns about not helping Caitlin. She also raises a good point about what Barry would do in similar circumstances. Chester and Allegra have another awkward scene, but this time it’s not about their potential romance. Chester is very much an idealist, and Allegra brings up some concerns about what he’s doing with his video blogs as far as their work goes. I get what Chester is trying to do, but I think Allegra’s right on this one. It’s an interesting scene that raises some issues a lot of these shows don’t think about. I give them points for this idea. Meanwhile, Cecile walks down the familiar curving corridor at STAR and has her own run-in with Black Flame.

Cecile learns something from the encounter via her powers, and shares her new insight with Barry. This ends up being something Caitlin very much doesn’t want to hear, and starts a big disagreement about what to do next. There’s no good and simple answer here, and it’s painful to see Barry and Caitlin at odds. They’re both doing what they think is right, and I can see where they’re both coming from. All of this gives us another flashback of Caitlin and Ronnie as a cute couple, making plans for a getaway. As all this goes on, Sue makes some suggestions to Iris about what they should do next, and then an enraged Tinya comes back. Sue has clearly forgotten already what Tinya’s powers are, and then Tinya demonstrates a new one. I’m pretty sure I know what’s happening here, but it’s not going to make anything easier for Sue or Iris.

The divided Team Flash meets to plan what steps are next. One thing that really bothers me here is they are going off Cecile’s read through her powers, and she’s said things like “I think” and “Probably” several times. To me, if you’re using those kinds of qualifiers, you need to firm things up before you work against an old friend and teammate and gamble with someone’s life. The team decides they know best, and Frost leaves to bring news of their decision to Caitlin. I really wish Cisco was here for this. Somehow, I think he’d be better at reaching out to both sides (plus, I really miss him). After another flashback of an important moment with Caitlin and Ronnie, we see Frost talking to Caitlin. They talk about their shared past, Frost does something for her sister, and Caitlin figures out where Ronnie is going to be next.

After we get introduced to some civilians who are there to get threatened, the Black Flame shows up again. They did a good job giving him a frightening appearance. Team Flash gets the alarms from their systems and springs into action, moving to save the at-risk innocents and capture the rogue meta. The showdown doesn’t go as anyone planned, with a few different factions coming into conflict, and some big surprises. It ends with Ronnie being restored, and Flash looking very confused.

The big conflict of the episode resolved, it’s time to set up for the next one. The team meets and is glad for Caitlin, the divisions over what happened apparently forgotten. The longer-serving team members are glad for Ronnie’s return, while the newer ones are happy to have the chance to get to know him. Cecile is especially apologetic to Caitlin, and wonders how her powers were so far off. Barry goes home, is a bit worried about getting Iris’ voicemail again, and then Sue comes with bad news. The final scene is Caitlin going to check on her returned husband and getting a major shock as a secret is revealed.

What I liked: I’m really enjoying Sue and I’m glad she’s back. Caitlin not accepting what everyone else decided made perfect sense and was in character, as was Frost helping her. Allegra raised some good points with Chester, and they did the scene without drama or hysterics, which was a nice sign of maturity. I think I know what Tinya did, and it’s an interesting extension of her power and play on her codename from the comics.

What I didn’t: Everyone leapt to some hard conclusions off Cecile’s very conditional statements. Barry keeps saying he trusts his team, and acting more and more like Oliver with them. Sue should have known better than to try and fight Tinya, and, for that matter, she had to fly across the country to give Barry the news? I know her phone is gone, but really, she couldn’t figure something else out?

This was a really uneven episode. I’ll give it a low 3 out of 5. The good points and a few impressive visuals barely saved it from going lower in my book.