Legends of Tomorrow: Silence of the Sonograms

Wait, we have MORE aliens now?

The Legends of Tomorrow have been through a lot of changes since the team was first put together by Captain Rip Hunter (remember him?), and more are on the way. In this episode, we take a break from the aliens lost in time for the second of two back-to-back episodes that take place largely on the Waverider. There are ongoing problems with the team’s resident warlock, and a vanquished foe makes his return. Usually the titles for the episodes have a decent tie to what happens in them, but this week’s, “Silence of the Sonograms,” is a stretch.

Last episode ended with Sara tracking down some odd music, and now, as she suspected, she finds Bishop on the ship. The two argue for a few minutes, bickering over many different things, before Bishop claims he has changed and a disbelieving Sara locks him in the force-field cell they keep for unwelcome guests. Bishop makes some interesting claims about his body-hopping, and the rest of the team finally gets to see him. Behrad mentioned going to visit his parents last episode, and I guess he did, as he never shows up.

The team talks about Bishop and his looks, while the captive, who seems utterly untroubled at being locked in a cell, makes some comments about various parts of the team. Once again, Nate is overlooked. He has to be the most taken for granted member of the Legends. Sara and Ava compare notes, we hear some small portion of Bishop is missing from his last hurried “upload,” and Ava decides she’s going to take a shot at interrogating him. A worried Sara eventually agrees, after both tell Nate he’s not helping by pointing out Bishop technically created both of them. Kayla, who set so much of what’s going on right now in motion, is absent from the episode. Maybe she went with Behrad? Constantine wakes up on his couch with what resembles a hangover, only to find a disapproving Zari glaring at him. She has a lot of questions, specifically about why John has the wound she gave the beast during the game in “Board On Board Onboard.” She’s pissed off, and John’s excuses go about as far as they should.

Zari returns to the ship, rants at Astra, and then drags the neophyte spellcaster into her current chaos. Ava begins her attempt at Bishop, and they verbally spar back and forth. Me, if someone with a lot of evil plans suddenly appeared on my ship, I’d toss them out the airlock, but I guess I’m not a hero. Or a Legend, for that matter. Sara and Nate play chess, but don’t seem to care about the game, mostly using it as a prop, as they watch Ava and Bishop. Ava and Bishop seem to be bonding a lot more than they should, largely over lack of a real family and similar issues. Bishop also figures out what’s going on with Rory and offers to help, citing dire consequences if he doesn’t.

Bishop’s remedy apparently helps Mick, which is at least a slight mark in the prisoner’s favor. Zari and Astra talk to Spooner, who gets relieved from guarding Bishop when Ava returns for round two. Spooner has some trouble remembering what happened back in the cave in 1930’s Spain, and Astra helps her get her memory back. This uncovers one of John’s many manipulations, and no one is happy about it. Bishop, having helped with Rory, makes comments about Constantine, but Ava doesn’t even know what’s wrong with John, so this doesn’t work out well. Constantine himself is not doing well at all, and either has an unusual visitor or is hallucinating.

Nate and Sara debate Bishop’s name and play with the idea of a bet as Ava and Bishop talk wedding plans. Bishop actually asks some reasonable questions and Ava’s answers are unexpected to say the least. This moves on to talk of Bishop’s tinkering, a surprising number from Bishop’s past, and an interesting claim about what he’s changed this time around. In the aftermath of Astra’s spell, Zari wants to do something dangerous and Astra talks her out of it. Personally, I would have thought Spooner would want to take some direct action given what she’s learned, but that never comes up. Bishop is proving far better at this game than Ava is, and really turns the tables on her as they discuss music. Sara finds Ava after this, and the former head of the Time Bureau is very shaken. As an aside, the Time Bureau was built up as a big government agency, and now everyone one we knew who worked there is either dead, on the ship, or a romance writer. I wonder what happened to all the agents and such?

Zari goes to confront John, who is in a bad way, and ends up feeling sorry for him and leaves, much of her anger gone. Mick finds himself in severe pain, and Gary tells him what’s going on. Mick isn’t happy at all (then again, when is he?) and in his distracted state, tells Gary something that really excites the ex-time agent/apprentice warlock turned alien. Constantine has a strange argument and then realizes something is missing. Zari and Astra figure something out and then Constantine finds them, initially furious and then repentant. John suggests a radical approach to what’s going on with him and Zari agrees to help. Sara and Ava talk about what’s going on, and Sara offers Ava some reassurance. Sara makes some good points, but this is when we find out several important things about Bishop, who does something we’ve seen several times before, albeit in a slightly new way. And we learn the writers of the show have absolutely no idea how DNA works.

Gary is helping Mick as best he can, and they run into Nate, who suddenly realizes Bishop is on the loose. Gideon tells them what she can, Bishop starts locking down the ship, and then Bishop and Sara have a big showdown (see earlier comment about DNA). Bishop gets by her eventually and ends up alone with a fairly helpless Mick. Bishop seals himself in the medbay, and Sara sends Nate off to do a system reboot and get Bishop out of the command net. Of course, Nate could have used his powers and battered the door down, but they once again seem to have forgotten he has them. Instead, they send Spooner off to get something to open the door with. I guess Astra using magic would have made too much sense?

After some really ugly special effects, Mick has his blessed event and Bishop comes out to show everyone. The team collectively has an unlikely reaction, at least to me, and Bishop makes a surprising request. Sara and Ava tell him how he could have handled things better, and he makes an excuse about having been alone for so long. Once left alone, Bishop holds up something that bodes ill, as does the look on his face. Constantine and Zari bare their souls to each other and it’s a very deep conversation that surprisingly goes uninterrupted by magic, demons, aliens, or anything else. She goes to do something nice for John, which is when Bishop makes his play from his cell.

The last few scenes involve John losing to his darker nature, Bishop making a great pitch to his next victim, and the team realizing a few things just a bit too late. By the end of the episode, things are looking really bad for one of the team, and a new alliance likely means trouble for everyone.

What I liked: Constantine is a tortured soul, and while I don’t care for this story arc with him, Matt Ryan portrays the warlock’s struggles remarkably well. I really enjoy Sara’s unshakable confidence in Ava. The wedding planning was kind of entertaining, if weird even for this show. Ava’s long list of things she’s never done makes perfect sense given what we know of her, and puts a few things in perspective. I don’t care for Bishop at all, but he’s clever, I have to give him that.

What I didn’t: There are plotholes and inconsistencies all over. Where was Kayla? Why does no one remember Nate has powers? Spooner is remarkably chill about something very invasive that happened to her, and given both her history and personality, she should have been furious. As many times as there have been issues with Gideon, they haven’t taken better precautions by now?

There was an interesting plot but lots of little holes. I’ll give this a 3 out of 5, and see what the last two episodes of the season have in store.