Legends of Tomorrow: The Final Frame

There are many shocks in this episode, but the wedding dresses are particularly… disturbing.

The Legends of Tomorrow have long since carved out their niche of weirdness in the Arrowverse. Their goofiness has become the hallmark of the show, with meta comments and the odd breaking the fourth wall moment. Why should Deadpool have all the fun? Superheroes saving the world isn’t a new thing, but leave it to the Legends to do it in a uniquely odd way. There’s a lot at stake when they get to “The Final Frame.” This episode was directed by Jes Macallan, AKA the Legends’ own Ava Sharpe.

Starting in Kansas City, 2021, Sara, Spooner, Mick, and Astra are trying to track down another alien pod. Mick seems to be having issues with the tracker (and I wonder who thought it was a good idea to put him in charge of that), but they finally find… an empty pod. Inside, they discover an interesting little doodad that changes colors, seems to provoke some jealousy among the team, and then suddenly whisks them away. On the Waverider, Behrad shows that, while he’s a great burger flipper, he’s not a good cook, and Constantine returns, unusually energized. Zari and Nate are taking a mini-vacation, celebrating her being free of the Totem for a while, but their plans don’t work out as expected due to some odd folks, even by Legends’ standards, being nearby.

While the away team finds themselves in a strange but somewhat familiar place, even getting a wardrobe change, Ava tries on wedding dresses and Gary “helps.” Spooner picks up a lot of alien vibes in their new location, and Astra decides to try and leave. The exit isn’t really much help, and Mick saves her from a really long fall. After Wizard of Oz references and a joke about abductions, they find the power behind the place they’re in now, and learn a few surprising things. While Sara gets some useful information, we see Spooner has a devotion to something we hadn’t known about before, and she tries to get everyone a way out of there.

Nate and Zari’s trip continues to go downhill, as one of Nate’s attempts at a romantic gesture goes horribly wrong due to a simple mistake back on the ship. They try something new, hate it, and admit to each other they are jealous of the weird ones next door. Things get stranger when Nate can’t raise Gideon, and his Time Courier isn’t working right. Sara learns things from her new friend, Buddy, and hears an unlikely tale, and about how he lost control of his own creation. Just as Buddy delivers a warning, Spooner comes back saying she did just what Buddy told Sara not to do.

Never ones to give up easily, Nate and Zari try and find a way to get out of the mess they’re in. They learn some disturbing things on the radio, and Nate places the date among his worse. Appealing to the neighbors doesn’t go as planned, and there’s a long walk ahead of them, with uninvited and unwanted company. Aboard the Waverider, Behrad and Constantine realize there’s something wrong when they not only can’t contact Sara’s team, but Gideon can’t even find Earth. For comedic effect, blended with Smallville syndrome, they decide to tell Gary to keep Ava distracted and not tell her Sara and company are missing.

Speaking of, Sara gives her group a pep talk for their strange contest. All this is right up Spooner’s alley, but Astra refuses to participate. In her defense, she, and the rest of the team, don’t know the stakes yet. Gary proves remarkably adept at manipulating Ava, and a bizarre fashion show ensues. Riding a not at all good high, Constantine decides he’s going to take matters into his own hands in terms of locating the missing Legends.

The bad guys beat some disposable, appropriately attired extras and Sara’s group starts getting an idea about what’s really going on. To be fair, I wouldn’t have guessed this either. Mick has some issues due to a wardrobe choice, while Gary provokes a full-blown wardrobe crisis with Ava. Behrad and Constantine talk about the warlock dating the stoner’s sister and then get the ritual going. The resulting disturbance shakes Ava out of her dress daze, and the team eventually finds their missing people. They manage to talk, but can’t actually quite get together. The head bad guy, Mike, takes his turn in the weird competition, and we see the effects and Nate and Zari makes some odd discoveries and see a few unexpected things.

While Nate and Zari’s new acquaintances freak out and start having weird discussions, Zari and Nate share a few observations. Things start looking bad for Sara’s team as the captain learns a few things from her friend Buddy and the others argue with each other. Nate and Zari have a strange discussion of their own, Nate gets very honest about his feelings, and Zari resolves to get them out of this mess no matter what. Sara manages to turn things around a little, and Mick and Spooner find a way to work together after all. To do that, Mick reveals why he makes certain choices on a regular basis.

With an extremely odd version of teaming up in different locations, and an unlikely contribution from Astra, the heroes save the day, the world, and the game. Everyone reunites for some downtime and Buddy reflects on his beloved game. He also makes an observation about Constantine, and I’m really curious why so many aliens seem to suddenly know so much about magic. The team gets together for a bit of fun and a picture even. So all’s well that ends well, and we move on to whatever bizarre adventure is next. I suspect the season finale, just a few episodes down the road, will have something to do with Sara and Ava’s wedding.

What I liked: They have fully embraced their goofiness, and the Legends do it quite well. This was an absurd premise, and it worked because of how the show runs. I liked Mick and Spooner finally working together, and enjoyed Nate and Zari’s date. I find two things interesting- Astra hasn’t been around so far when John has used his new abilities, and neither has Zari 2.0. The first would know something was up, if not what, and the second wouldn’t put up with Constantine evading questions about it.

What I didn’t: I don’t get the decision to keep Ava in the dark, and her weird wardrobe scenes with Gary felt like filler. The bad guys seemed a bit random; we never really got any motivation as to why they were doing what they did. I guess the pod at the beginning was from Mike or one of his crew? Why do so many aliens seem magically attuned now? And what happened to the other “trophies?” I guess Lita went home unannounced between episodes?

It was a fun, if goofy even for them episode. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.