Supergirl: A Few Good Women

A few good women…and aliens, too.

Last episode of Supergirl was another hybrid sort of thing, being officially the premier of the sixth and final season, but also sort of the finale of season five, all smushed together due to COVID complications. Now, we’re dealing with the new issues introduced last time, as various subplots and status quos are set up for the coming episodes. What seems like it should have been a major subplot gets wrapped up ridiculously quickly, and we see the team facing the start of a big challenge in “A Few Good Women.”

The episodes starts with a break-in at a Luthor Foundation Blood Bank (insert Lex being a bloodsucker joke here). Little is as it seems, but Sentinel (which they never manage to call Alex despite the big intro last episode), Martian Manhunter, Brainiac 5, and Miss Martian all end up putting a stop to things. Brainy gets to do his effortless combat dodging, which I’ve missed seeing, and the heroes end up making an odd deal with the would-be thief. They also establish that at least one big mythological creature doesn’t exist in this world, which I didn’t like, but that’s me. As all this goes on, Supergirl finds herself trying to adjust to suddenly being in the Phantom Zone, where things are a lot different for her.

The team (which needs a name, in my humble opinion) explains what they need to Silas, their new ally. He has a lot of doubts, but the collected heroes are wildly, arguably blindly, optimistic. And it’s fair enough when you think about it. Two Martians, who are among the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, and Brainiac 5, who leaves the word “genius” in the dust. Between them, it’s understandable to have a not-necessarily realistic view of what they can accomplish. Silas lays out the difficulties in what they’re going to do, and the team pretty much ignores him. Harder to ignore is when Dreamer gets a text from work, demanding that she show up for a big meeting. Apparently, occasionally they remember some of these folks have jobs. She slips away, but not before Brainiac warns her that she’s going to need train very hard to pull off her part in the upcoming mission.

At CatCo, Andrea Rojas talks about the new direction she’s taking things in, snapping out assignments about the big Luthor trial. She’s given up all pretense of being impartial, and gives William and Nia a particularly tough job. Blithely, she assures them if things get badly, Supergirl will step in, because she always does. For obvious reasons, Nia doesn’t find that reassuring. Lillian meets Lex in his jail cell as he complains about the food, and makes her priorities crystal clear. The madman assures her he has a plan, and she has her doubts. Supergirl wakes up in a new place, and makes a surprising discovery. She and her new friend compare notes, and after a brief burst of joy, Supergirl finds out they are very apart in their attitudes on some important things.

In an impressive power meeting, Lena and Andrea share drinks and compare notes after all the recent chaos. What could have been a friendly meeting takes a turn when Andrea does something that’s kind of uncool, and Lena ends things right there. Kelly brings the ubiquitous Big Belly Burger to the team as they try and get their plan together. Alex is being ridiculously optimistic, bordering on denial. She does stay attached enough to reality to reassure Silas when he’s having some problems dealing with the memories all this brings up for him. Lex’s trial opens and Lex is unshakably confident.

The team does their first test of the new equipment, and it’s a less than successful attempt. M’Gan pulls J’Onn aside to tell him that he needs to pull himself together. At the trial, Eve Tesmacher testifies and Lex pulls some fairly ridiculous stunts, acting as his own counsel. I think it’s safe to assume the writers of this episode have never seen a real trial. Lena gets another unwelcome visitor, this time her mother, Lillian. It’s not a good talk, and I’m impressed Lena didn’t just toss her out. Dreamer is feeling the pressure of working a high-pressure superhero mission and a big work assignment. Brainiac has things planned for her, and it’s clearly difficult, but he puts her through her paces and offers encouragement.

Never one to accept there’s an unwinnable situation, Supergirl ignores the advice of someone a lot more experienced than she is about the Phantom Zone. Her attempt fails horribly, and she gets saved instead of doing the saving. She does manage to inspire her fellow prisoner to keep trying, at least. At Lex’s trial, Lena does a phenomenal job, but Lex somehow comes out on top, mostly because the writers want it that way. In any rational world, he should have lost here. The team tries again, and this time the device sort of works, but in the wrong direction. They work together to stand off the attackers, but one thing made no sense: Miss Martian is at least as powerful as J’Onn, but throughout this fight, uses a blaster and shows no sign of having powers at all. This really, really needs to get explained. With some creative use of powers and teamwork, the heroes manage to win, but all that does is put them back where they started from.

The verdict is announced at the trial (did all this happen in one day?) and catches everyone by surprise, including Lex and Otis. Miss Martian tries to reassure Silas that what just happened isn’t his fault, and then Dreamer sees the tv and everyone gets the news about Lex. At CatCo, Andrea rallies the troops after the unexpected outcome, and William appears ready to give up on everything. M’Gann brings pizza to a very defeated team, and J’Onn agrees he needs to change his approach. As the news blathers on about Lex, Brainy has a little temper tantrum. I think the team needs to be keeping an eye on the Legionnaire from the future. Alex also has a temper tantrum as she looks at the preparations she made for something that didn’t happen. Kelly offers Alex some reassurance and does her best to be supportive.

Lena watches the news coverage of the big trial, and we hear Lex is asking for something else that should never happen, which means it probably will next episode. Andrea comes by and this time acts like a friend, not a business associate. Lillian and Lex reflect on the trial, and it really seems like they are invoking the spirit of a recently defeated, amazingly divisive political figure. Silas shows that the good guys didn’t win as cleanly as they hoped, which looks like it’s going to be bad for next episode. In the Phantom Zone, Supergirl and her companion see something unusual happening, and Supergirl immediately starts plotting to use this to get home.

What I liked: It was good to see Brainy being good at combat again. His unique fighting style suits him, and it’s been missing for a while. The team shows some good teamwork and really is an impressive collection of talent and power. Lena did some clever things. While I loathe the character more each time he opens his mouth, Jon Cryer is turning in an astounding performance as Lex.

What I didn’t: This episode had a lot of flaws. Why was Miss Martian using a blaster? None of the trial made any sense. Silas’ backstory didn’t make a lot of sense. Is Kelly ever going to use the shield James left her again? Why does Andrea suddenly believe in real news when she’s been the clickbait queen up to now? Are we supposed to believe Lillian is doing absolutely anything against her adored son?

I really hope this wasn’t indicative of the rest of the season. I’m giving this a 2 out of 5.