A Note about the New Mutants


A quick note about the New Mutants movie: Superheroes and movies are two of my favorite things. Not being able to go to movies is one of the parts of the pandemic that’s hitting me personally the hardest. The in my opinion questionable dual decisions have been made to reopen movie theaters and to release New Mutants in this very uncertain time. I loved the New Mutants comic when it came out, and was thrilled to hear they’d be on the big screen.


But I don’t believe it’s safe to go to the theaters right now. I’m not preaching, or lecturing, or telling anyone else what to do. But I won’t be going to see this, at least not right now. Eventually, I’m sure I’ll get to see it on cable or home video or something and I’ll review it then. But for now, there won’t be a review.


Thank you for your understanding.