Legends of Tomorrow: Freaks and Geeks


The fate of the universe hinges on beer pong because… why not?

The Legends have finally got all the pieces of the Loom of Fate, so everything should be good, right? Well, of course not. There are complications, disagreements, and a few more hoops to jump through. They’re also still trying to get used to Sara being blind, Behrad being dead, and Astra being, well, Astra. All this and some nods to a tv show with some die hard fans (in the title) and some Animal House spoofs as the gang head back (did any of them actually go?) to college in “Freaks and Geeks.”

The team is trying to research ways they can use the Loom, deciding which three among them are going to use it, and what they need to do in order to use it safely. With some help from Gary bringing in some spell books, they figure out a way to help them out, but they (of course) need to get another artefact. Luckily, Nate knows where this one is. After a weird little flashback of his college days (Ok, so he went), we find out the MacGuffin of the week is at Hudson University. Hudson, in the comics, is where Dick Grayson went to college when he was not working as closely with Batman and before/between his stints with the Teen Titans. The team goes to the school to do some recon, less Sara, who recognizes her blindness isn’t going to help in the midst of a crowd. Amid some cheap laughs and Astra’s homicidal tendencies, they get a fix on where their new item is, and run across some more complications. So what else is new? It turns out someone famous is hiding at the college, and it actually makes some sense. Astra makes things a lot harder with her attitude and ticking off someone important to the process. All this leads to the newest ridiculous scheme.

The B plot this week is Lita, Mick’s daughter, checking out the college since she was thinking about attending. She clearly doesn’t fit in with the high-class annoyances on the tour, and Mick even less so. Mick enacts another surprising charade, catching Lita and another teammate by surprise. We meet a few new characters as some of the team tries to slip in more or less undercover, and, once again in part because of Astra, things go horribly wrong. After a lot of bickering, the team proves that things can always get more ridiculous. Back on campus, Lita shows she’s a really cool person, putting some of her own stuff aside to help the team. The teenager is more mature than Astra. The team puts a weird plan into action, circling back to some of the strange characters we met earlier as they push their hair-brained scheme ahead. Ava proves herself to be surprisingly good at coming up with mottos.

Nate slips up and reveals part of the Legends’ plan to their opponent, but it’s not entirely his fault. Things get stranger as the rules of their little task get changed. The team goes back to the drawing board, with a lot more bickering, largely centering around Astra. I know she’s had a rough life, but really, she’s not helping much here. Off on their own, Lita and Mick have an odd bonding moment over time travel, retroactive donations, and fighting demon dogs. Astra almost flies off the handle and makes things worse, but Charlie finds her, stops her, and talks her down, citing her own experience with the Legends. Looking at things from a new angle, the team comes up with a new idea to get what they need, which really doesn’t impress Astra. Then again, what does? After a lot of bizarre twists and turns, everything comes down to… a game of beer pong? Sure, why not?

Things get strange, but, of course, the good guys end up winning. Mick comes back to join the others in a little ritual at the show’s end that gets them all ready for the next step in the ongoing Loom-quest. I give them points for a minor moment of characterization that was very well done. The team is ready to move ahead, but the final scene sets up another problem that I’m sure will come to a head next episode.


What I liked: The show continues to be entertainingly silly. The backstory on the “guest star” this week actually made sense and was clever. Lita impressed me, and I’m starting to like her story with Mick. That’s a change for me, since before it seemed like a dodge to keep him offscreen.


What I didn’t: At times, things got a bit weird, even for Legends. Astra is really grating on me. The whole upbeat sisterhood vibe seemed a bit much. This felt almost more like a sitcom than an adventure/hero show.


It was an entertaining, if weird, episode. I’ll give it a solid 3 out of 5. Since this is one of the few shows that finished their season, I’m curious to see where they end up going with all this.