Krypton: Danger Close


You thought your family reunions were awkward… 

Things on Krypton under Zod are a mess, and the heroes are going to have trouble getting him out of power. It’ll be even harder as we learn what he’s doing to opponents he captures. With our heroes all back on the same planet, finally, we’ll see what they can do against their dictator. It’s a big mess, and more than one thing ends up “Danger Close.”

The episode opens with an odd flashback, as Seg helps a very drunk Kem home. Seg sees what he believes is a local merchant being harassed by one of the Sagatari guards. Not only is it not what it looks like, but it turns into the first meeting of Seg-El and Lyta-Zod. Seg gets snapped out of his memory by some unexpected commentary. Adam and Seg engage in some banter in the present and start trudging to Kandor.

On Wegthor, in the midst of the aftermath of the big resistance attack, Kem is surprised to find himself alive, if low on oxygen. He manages to get someone else’s breathing device, just in time to be captured by the resistance. Kem is not having a good day. Once back in Kandor, Seg is stunned by the changes to what used to be the Rankless sector. Seg and Adam have a conversation that covers going it alone, gratitude, and proper responses. They split up so Seg can try his weak hint of a plan, which sounds like a bad idea to me.

Kem surprises the troops that captured him with his opinion of the Sagitari. Lyta and Seg have a passionate reunion. Jax and Val give the troops a victory speech and go over the next part of the plan. Val is startled when a solder brings in an intruder, and moreso when it proves to be Adam. Seg and Lyta enjoy their afterglow, but the pillow talk is more about what’s happened in Seg’s absence, and his hopes for her help. Lyta listens then brings him someplace to show him something.

Adam and Val catch up, and Val is thrilled to hear is grandson is alive. Val pays Adam a big compliment, which catches the man off guard, and then Adam tells about something troubling he saw in the future. Val is sure Adam is overstating things, but at any rate, they have enough to deal with in the present. That’s certainly true. Lyta shows Seg a big surprise, and isn’t sounding right. Far too late, Seg realizes what’s going on, and ends up at the tender mercies of General Zod. It’s weird that’s the title he’s best known by, but all the Kryptonian commanders seem to be called “Primus.”

Dev-Em tells Jayna Zod what’s been going on, and shares his own story of heartbreak and desertion. Once again, Kem plays a part in a flashback explaining what happened. Maybe Kem’s trying to make up for being absent from the first few episodes. Dev tells Jayna some things she really doesn’t want to hear, and doesn’t agree with her belief that someone can be saved. Jayna does at least come up with a suggestion that makes Dev feel a bit better. Seg and Zod have a conversation which is mostly Seg being cagey and Zod boasting and self-justifying. Zod sends Seg to the med bay to get cleaned up and treated.

Adam and Kem catch up and talk about death, Detroit, and making peace with the past. Kem is delighted to hear Seg is alive and in Kandor, especially since Kem thought both Adam and Seg were dead. Adam briefs Kem on the new plan, and Kem doesn’t exactly heroically accept his role, but sort of eases into it. Seg babbles to the med-tech, and then is surprised to see a familiar face. Rika doesn’t remember him, and when he tries to push the point, she flips out. Not one to abandon a friend, Seg throws whatever weight he can manage around to get her treated.

Nyssa seeks out Val and tells him about a secret and dangerous project Jax has been working on. Val is horrified at the risks. Jax works on said weapon, and gives orders to a solder before hiding her project. Seg figures out what’s happened to Rika, and it’s not good. Adam and Kem move out with the troops, Kem shares a phobia, and they get a terrible pep talk.

Seg reviews some files and is sickened and saddened by what he sees. This is Zod’s cue to come in again with more thugs and self-justification. Zod babbles and aggrandizes himself, and orders his thugs to strap Seg into the machine. Not that I really doubted he’d do something like this, but Zod has now turned on both his parents in addition to his various other crimes. We really need Kal-El to show up and kick his butt. Or a Time Lord to figure out he’s changing the past. Or the Legends. Or somebody.

Kem and Adam go along a tunnel on their mission. It’s amusing having the two wise-asses together, and they do play off each other well. They find their first obstacle and, eventually, overcome it. Seg comes through his treatment much better than expected, but the recordings show why and it’s very troubling. Seg takes off, although what he’s planning on doing next is very unclear. His scheme is not going to work, that’s for sure.

The episode ends with a few really ugly scenes. Something I’d been expecting comes to pass, and it goes really badly for the rebels. You really should thoroughly test gear you capture from an enemy, especially one with a history of being slick and having multiple schemes in gear. The great offensive isn’t looking so great, and Kem and Adam’s side unit have their own troubles. Val confronts Jax, Nyssa slinks away, and Adam gets a big surprise when he comes face to face with the enemy leader.

What I liked: Kem is always entertaining, and he and Adam together are fun to watch, especially now that they are closer to equals. I admire Val standing by his principles. The man seems to be a great leader and inspiring person. I believe him as an ancestor of Superman. I loathe Zod, but I have to give him points for being clever. Lobo is not in the episode (yay!).

What I didn’t: I haven’t liked Nyssa’s portrayal for most of this season. She was fantastic in season one, and seems to have utterly forgotten all that now. Between them, Val and Jax should have checked the gear they got from Zod. I don’t believe the great dictator should have been able to fool both a brilliant scientist and a talented fighter and leader. I don’t really get what’s going on with Jayna and Dev, and I honestly don’t care that much.

It was a decent episode with a few rough spots. I’ll give it a 3 out of 5.