Krypton: Will To Power


Uh, Seg? Not sure this is the best time for a nap…

Three episodes in, you could make the argument that not a lot has happened so far this season. Zod still rules Krypton, the resistance is, well, resisting, and Seg and Adam are still stuck on Colu dealing with the sorta-ghost of Brainiac and the very real Lobo. Several things develop this episode, which is good as this is a short season. In a duel of intellects, we get to find out if Seg has the “Will to Power.” Honestly, that really makes it sound like there should be a Green Lantern running around somewhere, but despite some rumors, none of the intergalactic ring-slingers have turned up so far.

On Colu, Adam and Seg do a lot of running. A whole lot of running, really. Adam apparently needs to work on cardio, and Seg is having some personality issues. While Adam tries to explain a plan he’s forming, Seg sort of checks out on him, pulled into a mindscape by Brainiac, and they have a talk. Brainiac is essentially trying to get Seg to come to the dark side, and Seg is, so far, managing to resist. Seg comes back from this little mental holiday with an idea of how to beat the disembodied AI. Just as Brainiac is getting to read Seg’s memories, Seg can do the same to Brainiac.

In the resistance camp on Wegthor, Val is trying to keep people’s spirits up and giving warnings about some of their survival gear. Since it gets mentioned so prominently, I expect this will come into play more later. Jax makes a few security arrangements, and then grouses to Val that he’s not letting her have any fun when he advises her not to kill prisoners. They discuss teaching moments, and Val points out that Nyssa’s information was accurate and helped them get a win. Jax still seems suspicious.

Lyta gives Zod some military advice, and Zod talks about having seen everything that was Krypton vanish. He goes on about the rightness of his cause, which is almost always a clue some major atrocities are coming. Lyta makes a suggestion about what she should do next, and Zod doesn’t like the idea at all. Jayna cleans up after the mess from last time, and talks with Dev-Em about what’s going on. He’s not really forthcoming with answers, and Jayna is puzzled by his change in attitude about so many things. The man has bitter loner down perfectly.

Adam and Seg keep fleeing Lobo, and argue about berries. Seg is leading them to a hidden chamber that has some important significance on a few levels. Why so much of this amazingly high-tech planet looks like a Canadian forest, I’m not sure, aside from that’s probably where they are filming. Every hero show seems to be in Canada these days. Seg outlines his new plan, and Adam makes some very understandable objections. Jax and Val talk military objectives, and then Val goes to visit Nyssa. Nyssa isn’t enjoying captivity, and plays up some of her “Oh, woe is me!” situation. Val, predictably, falls for some of this and loosens the restrictions on Nyssa’s movements. I bet Jax won’t be happy about that.

Adam makes some odd comments about the smells on Colu, and then seems to suddenly develop a fear of the dark as Seg leads them to the chamber. They find their way in, and Seg admits his plan is a bit lacking in details. Seg is also getting a bit snappish, although this version of Adam Strange would to that to almost anyone. Lobo’s bellowing voice from outside indicates he hasn’t given up or lost their trail. Brainiac and Seg have another meeting of the minds, and Brainiac is learning about his opponent. We see a few different versions of Brainaic’s attacks on Seg’s mind before the alien AI settles on one to upset the Kryptonian.

Lyta meets with Zod again, and he tells her he has reconsidered her suggestion. Zod tells her about her future, and it’s not a good one. Zod tells her she can follow up on her plan. Adam gets Seg hauled into position, and uses a classic technique to get the device working. Lobo storms in making more threats, and finds out the chamber has some impressive defenses. The alien bounty hunter isn’t impressed with what should be an incapacitating injury, and shows an aspect of his race’s physiology that’s disgusting and not a good thing for Adam. Lobo does something drastic to make his plan work.

Nyssa takes advantage of her new freedom and wanders the resistance base, because that’s a brilliant idea that couldn’t possibly go wrong, right? She encounters Araame, a solider she knew in the past. Quite well, as it turns out. Adam tries to keep the machines working while Seg has more of a chat in his head. Adam gets a nasty shock as Lobo shows what kind of threat he is. Nyssa’s reunion wasn’t just a chance meeting, and she takes advantage to do some snooping. It’s never made clear what, but something she finds rattles her badly. Adam tries to talk sense to Lobo, which is never worth the time, as Seg wrestles the invader in his head. Eventually, Seg’s plan works, and the heroes manage to give Seg a clean bill of health and then get away from the somewhat diminished Lobo. Lobo is happy with what they leave him, and goes to work in his usual brutal style.

Something or other I didn’t understand happens, and Jayna finds Dev outside in the snow. She brings him back in and warms him up. Jax and Val plan their attack, which, if it works, will catch Zod’s troops by surprise and “be a slaughter.” This is when we finally see Kem again, and, of course, he’s among the conscripts in Zod’s army. So that’s not great. Dev wakes up and has some kind of emotional breakdown with Jayna holding him.

Adam and Seg finally make it back to Krypton. Seg doesn’t take to zeta-beam travel well, and Adam has to give him some serious help. As Seg recovers, the two engage in their usual bickering banter. They get their bearings, and stagger off towards Kandor, as some really ominous weather howls around them. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was part of the big Arrow-verse crossover coming up, since the freak storms and reddish skies are part of that event.

What I liked: I liked Kem in the first season, and I’m glad we get to see him now, even if it’s not in a great place. Seg’s battles with Brainiac were interesting. I loathe the character, but Emmett Scanlan is playing Lobo well.

What I didn’t: Adam Strange is a hero in the comics, and pretty much comic relief here. Nyssa is still nowhere near as impressive as she was first season. Whatever happened with Dev-Em was very unclear. Val was way too much of a sucker for Nyssa’s sob story.

It was an ok episode, it just didn’t really have any great moments for me. I’ll give it a low 3 out of 5.